Do you know other SFDC tools, beside Aprimo, that can be used by salespeople to monitor every move their prospects make?

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There are many tools of varying capabilities in this area, which cater to varying size companies. Quick top-line of the 'Marketing Automation Platform' toolset, which is actually a super-set of capabilities beyond salespeople monitoring prospect activities. These platforms provide automated nurture programs, lead scoring, progressive profiling as well as activity monitoring, creating tremendous scale and cost efficiencies for identifying MQL's and SQL's (marketing and sales qualified leads, respectively):

Eloqua (now part of Oracle). They built and led the marketing automation category. Advanced capabilities; appropriate to consider for larger enterprises primarily

Marketo. Very solid and capable alternative to Eloqua; serves a wider range of the market (mid-size to enterprise).

Pardot. Positioned as the value play (price-wise) relative to Marketo.

Hubspot. Positioned to support small-medium business

Aprimo. Not really a major player interestingly enough (in market share). Typically found in VERY large organizations requiring extensive customization and integration. Capable, but generally considered big and heavy, typically in consideration due to integration requirements and legacy systems. They do have capabilities in this space, so I'm not suggesting low quality; just highlighting the fact that they are not a 'leader' in the MA category.

Email service providers like ExactTarget and Silverpop have shifted their product roadmaps to capitalize on the marketing automation trend, so they too are increasingly providing these feature-sets; if you dig into this further, you'll see the differences in their architecture and approach because of their differing heritage.

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Hi Alin - If I may ask you, what exact details your sales people are trying to monitor about Prospects? There are few apps in the salesforce app store that can help you if your use case is simple. I have used Marketo in automating complex marketing process (MRM , ROI analysis, competition analysis,social marketing etc). If I remember the name rights, we evaluated a few other products such as Eloqua, exacttarget and pardot...
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Depends on what You'd like to track. All Marketting automaton tools provide that ability to some extent. They differ in reporting intervals and ways to interface with this data.

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