Does CA Service Virtualization 7 supports domain standards protocols such as SWIFT and HL7?


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hello, I am looking to implement this solution at one of our clients. need to virtualise TCP calls with HL7 version 2.6 messages. Can you please let me know how can I get access of code/jar files of extensions made to handle HL7 with lisa or Devtest ?

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Adding a little more detail on SWIFT support:
The latest version of CA LISA (7.5.1) supports SWIFT MT, SEPA and MX messaging types in both Service Virtualization and Test (validation) functionality. SWIFT messages are converted to a standard xml format the Lisa understands and can apply automatic correlation rules to. Special care is taken to ensure that control data such as headers and blocks are kept separate from user data, tags and values are kept together in the resultant xml and that nested blocks are respected. This makes the generation of responses more accurate. For Test/Validation, there is a new assertion called "Validate SWIFT Message" which can enable you to verify a message by syntax only (for early stage development) or validate by syntax and semantics (full validation). We can handle dates unformatted SWIFT dates and convert them to "magic dates" and we can also handle stateful conversations well.

Like Dimitris mentioned, HL7 v3 is supported. HL7 v2 has an extension available and has been requested by one user so far to be added to the product. It's in our idea's portal as a request. If you need this as well, please go vote it up! (Here's a direct link to vote, you'll have to login though) http://bit.ly/1oZfHpr

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SWIFT is supported. The best is to go to latest release (v7.5.1) as it adds some business fields format validation for SWIFT messages
HL7 v3 is XML message, and so, is supported out of the box by LISA
HL7 v2 is different, as it is delimited format, with size depending on segment type. LISA has extensions capacities in order to handle this kind of protocol, but it would require additional work. Some extensions have already been developed to handle HL7 in LISA git, and you can probably find a good start from there.

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