CA Service Virtualization vs. HP Service Virtualization

Has anyone done a comparative study of CA iTKO LISA vs. HP Service test? If yes, can you please share your results and/or report. 

What needs to be considered when comparing them?

Thanks in advance.

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Check out the comparison of CA Lisa and HP Service Virtualization at http://www.itcentralstation.com/products/comparisons/hp-service-virtualization_vs_ca-lisa

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Yes, HP's product in this domain is called, HP Service Virtualization

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Also, I’d like to add that “HP Service test” mentioned below is a tool for functional integration (API) testing, but not for Service Virtualization. Please, pay attention to it.

Thank you.

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Ok so let me ask you guys Does HP has the capability of virtualization ? Do they they virtualization like other product ( lisa, parasoft, green hat etc ).

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HP Service Test and CA Lisa are not comparable products.

HP Service Test is comparable to Soap UI- create scripts/tests that drive data to a web service.

HP Service Test is one of three products in the HP Unified Functional Testing Suite: what used to be Quick Test Professional, Service Test and Service Test Manager.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have experience in CA Lisa SV.
However, I have evaluated HP SV and have an opinion about it – I can share my thoughts if you need, but I don’t think that it will help you to answer the question.

“What needs to be considered when comparing them?”

Of course a lot is depends on your necessities, but for the most of cases it doesn’t matter what tools you are going to compare – I believe that all the needs are the same because of the domain area (SV in this case).

- Number of Protocols supported

- Record and Reproduce possibility

- Create virtual services from scratch

- Easiness of installing, configuring and using

- Extended possibilities for creation more complex virtual endpoints (db support, data stores, team using, etc.)

- Other deeper criteria
Thank you.

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