IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server versus CA Service Virtualization?


We would like to start using an automation tools for End to End testing to automate basic common flows for all the interfaces, and some automation tools for Functional/Integration/

It would be great help if you can share details of case studies or any other documents like comparative analysis, experiences, cost factors, efforts can be reduced, pros & cons, any other tools you recommend for integration\performance\

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This is completely based on need and license type and budget available ..
Both RIT and CA has their in depth support on protocols and advanced way of creating virtual asset.
I am not expert user of RIT but I understood RIT is has great support for Tibco and webmethods platform..
When it comes to CA, it is currently market leading product in SV.. this is just one difference I mentioned , there are many.. better take a look at the product sheet before you decide..


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Service virtualization mainly simulates unavailable services, allowing you test to sooner in the lifecycle. Based on your requirements you should probably be broadening the search to include test automation and performance testing tools.

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Here are a couple of third party analyst works:

From Forrester there is the Service Virtualization Wave (https://www.ca.com/us/register/forms/collateral/the-forrester-wave-service-virtualization-and-testing-solutions-q1-2014.aspx)

and from Voke inc there is also a report that basically outlines the SV ROI from over 500 SV users interviewed.

Another interesting Service Virtualization dedicated site in case you want to check it out is http://www.servicevirtualization.com

Hope these help.

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IBM RTVS is best fitted solution for the requirement mentioned above.

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I have limited hands on experience with LISA. I reviewed it for a particular project and environment but decided on another tool. It did not meet the need for the specific end to end testing needs due to the environment, integration needs and specific set up requirements.

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