2015-02-02 19:11:00 UTC

Do you have a comparison of IBM vs. CA Service Virtualization?

I'm looking for a comparison of Service Virtualization solutions: IBM vs. CA LISA

Does anyone have a comparison which they can share or any comments about these competing solutions?



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if you look for service virtualization tools you should check out Tricentis Orchestrated Service Virtualization Suite too.

it supports following techniques without programming a single line of code:
-) model based business flow definition to enable functional testers for test automation (with a technical single point of maintenance of XSDs, WSDLs...)
-) stateful behaviour
-) asynchronous business flows (mainly used for JMS, MQ systems)
-) End2End testing with more than 20 UI technolgies (Mainframe, HTML, JAVA, Win32 etc)
-) test data driven frontend automation & backend service simulation (single point of test data maintenance)
--) this solves test data issues...
-) and many more unique features

Check it out here

2015-02-13 12:34:04 UTC
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Voke research just completed a survey on the ROI Service Virtualization.  In the results she mentions the technologies in this space and also shares that most common comments about each product:

- Mainframe Support
- Not able to complete PoC 
- Complex and difficult to use
- Requires services to implement 

- Complete mature solution
- Flexible and extensible 
- Integration  with a variety of lifecycle tools
- Easy to use and implement 
- Quick ROI
- Costly

2015-02-12 21:57:36 UTC
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Hello Yifat, Mike above mentioned the new voke, inc report on Service Virtualization. That report can be found here - http://www.vokeinc.com/average-service-virtualization-productivity-enhancements.html.

2015-02-12 16:36:02 UTC
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2015-02-12 16:23:49 UTC
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Hi Yifat
CA seems the market leader in service virtualization. CA is a niche player in this space while IBM's Greenhat is one of their products in their plethora of products. Having said that, CA Lisa's strength lies in Test Data management and virtualization of any type including and not limited to Java, MQ or any other webservices.

2015-02-12 16:13:32 UTC
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Hi Yifat.... you might find the "The Forrester Wave™: Service Virtualization And Testing Solutions" helpful as you compare the various service virtualization solutions. You can access a copy here:

2015-02-12 15:29:53 UTC
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I can comment that IBM is a let arrival to this space and also joins the ranks of application service virtualization vi acquisition.

Consider IBM and CA's track record when it comes to acquiring companies, their technologies and integrating them into their portfolios.

IBM Greenhat

2015-02-12 15:27:16 UTC
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I unfortunately have not used the IBM software. I do have experience with CA LISA and some with Parasoft but I don't know the IBM product well enough to vote.

However there is a company called Voke that does studies and comparisons of them. You could do a google search for Voke and Lisa and IBm and service virtualizaton and likely find that study on white paper. I will check as well.

2015-02-12 15:25:13 UTC
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I am looking for similar information as well. If you have any content, please could you let me know where to find it please?

Thanks very much


2015-02-12 15:20:13 UTC
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