2016-07-04 17:44:00 UTC

Has anyone implemented Bizagi BPM in a TELCO?

I would like to know if anyone has implemented the Bizagi BPM solution in a TELCO.

In case that the response is yes, how was your experience using It?

Did you need to acquire other products for complementing the product (like for storing documents, business rules, EAI)?


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Hi Mario

I just wanted to confirm that you can download the latest Magic Quadrant for iBPMS here


How are you getting on with your evaluations?

Kind regards


2016-09-15 10:11:25 UTC15 September 16

Hi Mario

The 2016 Magic Quadrant is actually due out imminently and Bizagi will feature in it. I've seen a draft and can't say much other than that we are due to be well placed and that some very positive comments are made about Bizagi.

I will send you a link to the quadrant report as soon as I have it.

Would you like to have a conversation with an expert here about the specifics of using Bizagi in a Telco?

Kind regards


2016-08-08 09:19:48 UTC08 August 16

Thanks Tim.

I have also another question about Bizagi.

As part of an exercise that we are currently doing to evaluate BPM tools, we went to Gartner as a reference but I saw that Bizagi is not part of the
Magic Quadrant but it’s referred in the text of the magic quadrant.

Do you know why it’s not included in Magic Quadrant?


2016-08-02 17:19:42 UTC02 August 16

Hi Mario

Great question. Bizagi has indeed been implemented by Telcos. It is not always possible to share information on forums about our customer's implementations, and there is obviously a lot of detail that we could go into.

I'd love to help you with this, so if you reach out to me on email (tim.burton@bizagi.com) or via LinkedIn I will immediately share your query with the experts who have experience in this specific area.

Many thanks


2016-07-25 16:57:20 UTC25 July 16
Real UserTOP 20

Most of the interfaces are do through the designer, even rules and validations, without coding. However, you can´t have your own look and feel. The integration with LDAP is also available.

The time of implementation depends on the complexity of your process, we have had processes automation three weeks after the definition is ready.

2016-07-05 20:46:42 UTC05 July 16

The time depends on the complexity of your process: maturity, doc centric or process centric and las integrations. But between the interviews for documentation to deployment, it can be 6 to 12 weeks. Bizagi do everything in automation: modeling, database, forms, business rules and events, integration and colaboration, deployment process to dev, QA and production.

2016-07-05 20:20:39 UTC05 July 16

Thanks for your response.

I have another two questions:
How about the time of implementation?
And also which application did you use for developing the User Interfaces? Does Bizagi let you create that too?
And did you integrate the processes with an LDAP or how do you manage the access control, security and roles?


2016-07-05 20:02:45 UTC05 July 16
Real User


I test used Bizagi BMP. I also used Agilof BMP. Agiloft was easier in term
of use, and very configurable.

Thank you,


2016-07-05 16:56:08 UTC05 July 16
Real User


I have implemented Bizagi BPM solution for an Order Fulfillment Process of an ISP. The designer is very intuitive and gives a very pleasant experience. Hiccups along the way are easily resolved by a very knowledgeable and promptly available support team.

Integration with other platforms is fairly doable, with some built in connectors readily available. Depending on the design of your processes, you may opt to develop the BPM solution on a local server and carefully design a well thought out document storage plan on the same (or a different server) or perhaps more preferably, connect your solution to a dedicated Document Management system.

Business rules are easy to implement as long as you have them planned out in advance. There is adequate documentation and how-to's on their website.

Though my business process was not a highly complicated one, I found the experience worth it. Yes there may be one or two shortfalls compared to other competitors, but overall I was happy. Automation worked well.


2016-07-05 16:23:57 UTC05 July 16
Real UserTOP 20

I work for a BPO company, not in a Telco. Despite that, I want to tell you that you if you need to store and organize a lot of documents, it is necessary to complement Bizagi with a ECM Tool or something similar. If you only use Bizagi the documents are attached to each one of the cases, but you can´t create a customer file or other kind of documentation groups.

To integrate Bizagi with the ECM you should use the SOA layer included in Bizagi, maybe in some cases you could need writing some code.

2016-07-05 14:31:37 UTC05 July 16


you could try reaching out to someone at Eidsiva Breiband; I know they are working on implementing the BizAgi BPM-suite into their broadband network services. (http://www.eidsiva.net/omoss/ansatte , see the section "Nett og Tjeneste Utvikling (NTU)")

Best regards,

Eugen Dahl

2016-07-05 11:16:51 UTC05 July 16
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