Why would you choose purchasing Camunda Platform over Bizagi?



I'm considering two platforms: Camunda and Bizagi. Can you please share the advantages of Camunda over Bizagi, if any?

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I can't give you a good reason to skip over Bizagi. I have been using Bizagi for over 4 years and have gone from total low-code skeptic to low-code evangelist and a strong supporter of Bizagi. It's available for no cost to learn, develop, and test/pilot process automation (up to 20 users in test), and has very reasonable licensing options for production once you are ready to go live. It also is powerful and flexible. We're even using it to drive our docket and scheduling system for hearings (not something one things of doing with a "process automation" tool). Can't recommend Bizagi strongly enough.

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Hi, i have not use Camunda platform yet

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@ValeryTezo ​, maybe you can help?

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