When evaluating Backup Solutions, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?


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This must be it:
- Backup & Restore Reliability and Data Integrity
- Ease of implementation and user interface
- Cloud Integration
- DR capabilities
- Compliance reporting
- Role Based Access Management
- Deduplication

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The obvious top answer is the reliability of restores.
After that there are many important factors: easy of use and maintainability, block level backup and deduplication, encryption, flexibility in retention policy-backup sets-access policy, performance, cost...the list can go on and on.

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Bryan BowersockReal UserTOP 20

"How will this product help us better meet the associated business requirements such as storage requirements (local and DR), data retention requirements (both internal and regulatory), and security?" is the first question I ask myself...

Then the Basics:
- Deduplication / Compression / Encryption REQUIRED
- Restore Throughput for different types of data (File System, Virtual, SQL/Oracle, etc.)
- Reporting (not only backup/restore metrics, but overall health of the environment) & Custom Reports
- Automation Automation Automation
- Centralization
- Capacity Based Licensing
- How is the Technical Support?
- SLAs, RPO/RTO - how will this be affected?

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Andrew-MurphyReal UserTOP 5

Speed to backup and restore
Tech support availability should something go wrong. Especially off hours times.
Size of storage to fit your backups
Ease of management

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Rick PooleyReal UserTOP 5

First off the files must be easily restored and secondly the option needs to be affordable.

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itinfras707532Real UserTOP 20

backup data integrity and availabilty

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Most important is ease of use. Next is the speed of the restore. It is also very important to cover a broad range of platforms and storage.

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Below would be my top three important aspects:

- Ease of use
- Continually evolving to meet new standards
- Good product documentation

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Aimee white li?1414329795

With GDPR coming to the EU in May 2018, granular control over data is getting higher and higher in the list of things to need.

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In order of importance:
- Restore Reliability and Data Integrity
- Ease of implementation and user interface
- Cloud Integration
- DR capabilities
- Compliance reporting

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Easy of use, manageability, and speed

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reviewer613488Real UserTOP 20

Security (ransomware crypto, intrusion), redundancy, and data fail (degradation)

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Lingbai HuangReal User

- Can a backup resume when it suffered a catastrophic failure?
- Can a backup be split into parts by content for remote duplication?
- Can a backup application support multiple OS?

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-Protect Data

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Jack RiddleReal User

Dependability. If the data is not there when needed, what is the point?

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Brent ReichowConsultantTOP 20

-Support for the client's total backup environment
-Ease of deployment
-Ongoing management and reporting

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Aimee white li?1414329795

- Ease of set up and continued use (and also how easy it is to get it off your systems)
- Useful and easy reporting
- speed of backup
- Multiple recovery options
- cost

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Satyawan JangraConsultantTOP 20

1. It should be able to seamlessly integration capabilities with different operating systems and virtualization technologies.
2. Less administration after initial setup.
3. Easy and fast recovery of backup.

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- clear consolidated reports to user groups (if and when was the last backup 100% successful)
- easy to deploy, use, and manage
- incremental forever if storing to the cloud and protecting large files / databases
- long term archiving / retention options (never purge deleted files, etc.)
- recovery time and recovery point - both less than an hour
- low system resources, reliable

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Check the below points.
*Enough bandwidth at both ends(Client and Server)
*Set the backup jobs at off production time.
*Set the alerts for the disk space, backup success/failure jobs,
*Check randomly for the restore of backups for every 15days.
*exclude the Videos/ISO/MP3 files while backup schedule.

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Meets and supports the max and min configurations mentioned in the guides
Admin and other related docs are precise
RTO and RPO's are defined properly
Is a popular solution around
Has a strong Tech support
Many Blogs and whitepapers written around their solutions
Cost, Scalablity and performance meets the standards
DR support and Cluster centric.
Supports HA and DRS.
Meet SLA for resolving problems

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support team about the backup software-easy to use-easy admin console-easy to deployment -and mustbe a complete product that included physical and virtual environment.

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- Meeting SLAs in terms of RTO and RPO
- Short Backup window
- Recovery time near 0
- Deduplication
- DR backup Copy
- Virtual and Physical machines
- Costs
- Reliability and stability
- Ease of use

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- non complicated process
- quick and efficient backup and restore process
- user friendly
- easy search mechanism for files
- cost efficiency
- stability

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- Small time backup
- Cloud ready
- Ease of use
- Fast and easy recovery
- Latency data transfer, especially for remote backups
- Performance ....

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Mihai LangaReal UserTOP 20

Easy, dependable and fast recovery/restore
Easy setup but numerous functionalities such as LongTerm, Replication, Application Awereness, etc

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Shruthi PVendor

1) How comfort the backup software gives in maintaining the enterprise setups
2) Should meet RPO/RTO
3) Should be able to overcome the pain area of customers especially with backup performance, reducing of space and high availability of data
4) Disaster recovery plan
5) Other advanced features like deduplication, Replication,cloud, Virtualization etc

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Sudha GargReal UserTOP 20

How fast it restores all the information
Quick set up
Time for backup
Weekly, daily, monthly etc
How much dependency

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Intuitive GUI
Quick setup
Vast compatibility of storage devices
Ability to backup to Mapped Network Drives
Most importantly... the time to restore whether it's one file or a complete image.
A backup solution is only as good as the ability to quickly recover from any disaster.

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Ease of use, don't need a lot of fancy bling just a clean interface
Application integration
Ease of recovery of entire machine or single file
Single deduplication solution from end to end including target hardware
Low hardware footprint

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I feel the top three priorities for a backup solution are...
1. Recovery
2. Recovery
3. Recovery

All the KPI's, must haves, should haves and nice to haves are important but without good, reliable and tested recovery they mean very little when having to explain "There is nothing we can do to recover" to the CIO or CFO or Lenny in accounting.

Backup = Recovery

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Gill BalderasReal User

Quick recovery
Low resource consumption
Role based assignment
Bare metal recovery capability
VM support (optional)
Centralized management (A Must)
Support for UNC Paths and multiple targets

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1) Reliability and stability
2) Support for both virtual and physical servers
3) Better than average support for Exchange and Active Directory
4) Good support for both disk based and tape library backup

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Nandakumar BabuReal UserTOP 5

1) Quick restore options
2) Disk backup would be better option than SAN.
3) Easy to install and configure
4) Good support to backend hardware. May it be tape library, tape drives, media etc.,

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Jeff DrennanReal UserTOP 5

inline deduplication ratio
management interface
integration with SAN platform

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Brent ReichowConsultantTOP 20

Being able to install quickly and efficiently, create a working policy, begin backing up and test recoveries without a lot of customer intervention.

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It must be able to backup huge amount of data in the shortest time frame available, backed up data are reliable and easy to restore.

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Tomás CéspedesReal UserTOP 20

The solution must be simple to manage, develop by a well know organization and have top reviews in the IT Industry.

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It depend of the What do you need?
Restore in a very short time, backup with zero disruptance, or easy administration with a very short learner curve.
But finally, I think our most important criteria is the available of a reliable technical information.

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The most important to us, is that the application must have a easy way to recover the backups. A good way is to have an environment inside the application or something to test the backups. Another way is to have clear steps to build a DRP, and not only a manual.
Another good thing is to have a clear item selection to backup.
Backup to disk, D2D support.

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- Backup window
- Deduplication
- LAN/WAN backup
- Restore time
- Virtual and Physical machines
- Granularity

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Backup and restore time

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The solution meets your Business's requirements specifically in terms of data security, data retention, speed of restoration when you need data back and confirmation that your data will be destroyed when you terminate the contract.

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- Physical and virtual capability
- Backup and restore times
- Deduplication
- Budget

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Check Consistency
Restore Time
Nice Support

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Bandwidth optimization (latency)
Backup integrity assurance
Server performance optimization
Space optimization
Compatibility with my systems

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Backup time
Restore time

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Güven YakanReal UserTOP 20

Restore time,
Management Tool,

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The most important thing is
Backup can be restored in case of incident happened. If a backup can not be restored then it's useless.
By that point, it must at least has the following things:
- Follow 3-2-1 rule for backup
- Meet organization RPO/RTO
- Critical in validating backup integrity
- Various backup format
- Extensible via API or third-party modules

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Frank HauserReal User

- Backup and Restore time.
- Performant
- High Availability
- TCO/ROI (by Dedup capabilities, Scalability,etc.)
- Data Security
- Centrally managed (missing Remote feature)

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Riaz JoomrateeReal UserPOPULAR

The position of the solution in Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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MatthewReal User

- When was the last time you completed a backup restore test
- How current are our RTO and RPO targets
- How current are your identified BU&R data sets
- Where do you store your DR and BC plans and who/how can they be accessed
- Empower the user
- Explain the difference between backup (process based) and recovery (task based)
- How many BU&R applications do you need to cover your whole business
- It it the Companies responsibility to provide BU&R for data residing in the cloud.

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Kelvin WongConsultant

1st - compatibility issues (clustering, distributed architecture)
2nd - performance (deduplication ratio, speed)
3rd - consistent backup task and throughput
4th - features

SLA is very dependency. Even though the restore time is very short, but it also depends on recovery procedures, company compliance issues.

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Dan gillman li?1414332427
Dan GillmanReal UserTOP 10LEADERBOARD

Compatability with your company software. Such as Oracle. Without this you may find you don't really have a backup. Feature set that meets your requirements. Compression has proven to be another important feature as your data grows. Bare metal restore is a must and universal restore for driver replacement is genius. Speed and throughput is important but relies heavily on your networks ability so numbers may not reflect what you may be capable of.

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Ease of use
Good pricing

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- Interoperability and coverage with/of the used environments
- Stability
- Ease of use in case of emergency
- The organization that is behind
- License pricing

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Flavio pastano li?1414340189
Flavio PastanoReal UserTOP 20

I've installed a lot of different backup software across different customer, and from my personal point of view the right one is the one that most fit the customer need, you need to have an eye at the mandatory environment and one at the forecast grow in term of data, technology and budget.
From this point of view is always better to go for one of the main player, since you will always have support, development and a good portfolio of products. Also I've found very useful to ask the pre-sales team of my backup vendor for specific solution. If I have some constraints is always better to specify them. Also let your vendor perform a training of the solution in advance of the implementation not after. This will help you to clarify some points that can be in a grey area and they can be fixed/implemented in the installation and configuration of the product.
No single product will do the magic for you, you need to specify what you want and ask for it.

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No fuss backups
Quick reliable restores

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Easy to find and restore data. Recovery situations are sometimes stressful. The backup administrator may be offline and have to talk someone else through the procedure. The exact backup client, date or share name may not be known. A simple interface and fast catalog browsing are essential. An efficient and simple search index are excellent add-on features if you can get them. You won't appreciate this until the day you really need it.

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PCI, SEC, SOX, HIPAA certification
High Availability
Performance (short backup window)

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Ease of use, easy to restore with options to choose what, when and where!

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MarkDolmanReal User

Short RPO time
Instant Virtualisation
Has secure off site backup

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Melhem SaidyReal UserTOP 20

-stable backup for critical application and guaranteed recovery.
-fast and reliable recovery.
-ease of restore to a different hardware and OS level.
-small footprint in case of hourly backups.

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Ken FantaReal User

It has to work without fail.
Does not require a lot of setup/support

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Diana WilliamsReal UserTOP 20

-Is it dependable?
-Is it easy to use?
-Does it interfere with normal operations?
-Can the average user install it/backup/restore?

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Jeremy JuddReal UserTOP 20

-Is it a resource intense solution?
-Data security
-Backup and Restore time.
-Usability (ie. centrally managed)
-Cost to purchase and maintain.

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Backup and Restore time.
TCO/ROI (by Dedup capabilities, Scalability,etc.)
Data Security
Seamless integration into existing as well as future infrastructure/ application.
Good vendor support

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- Ability to meet current SLA's around backup and recovery now and with expected growth.
- Insight into what is being backed up
- Flexibility

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Reviewer251064 avatar 1433730934?1433730932

-Protect Data

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reliability to capture all data
speed of recovery
Speed of backup
no impact to users

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- SLA to Backup/Restore Time
- Deduplication Ratio
- Replication by low speed links
- Fault tolerance / no single point of failure

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Adrian liviu coman avatar 1432920589?1432920587

- fast recovery
- no impact to production when backup occurs
- vmware integrated
- storage integrated
- multiple restore options
- software aware integration

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- Availability
- Performance
- Lan Wan bandwidth optimized
- Cloud ready

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Michael pedersen avatar 1432149317?1432149314

- scalable
- High availability
- Support backup of many system and application
- Meeting SLA levels and garanty recoverability within RPO/RTO.

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Danah alsobayel avatar 1432044441?1432044438

- Performance
- Latency
- Retention policies
- Data recovery policies
- Availability

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Lingbai HuangReal User

file level recovery
LAN & WAN backup
Scalable network traffic
Central management

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Rob arrell avatar 1431666752?1431666750
Rob ArrellReal User

That in itself is a loaded question. Every company has different needs. First question that needs to be answered is what your needs are. Data retention requirement, data importance, recovery time vs revenue loss, network speeds from production servers to backup server or servers, are you required to be HIPPA compliant, that’s just a few of the first questions that come to mind. All of that aside, what if your backup option fails? Do you have a backup plan for the production server that you can’t restore because your only backup software didn’t do its job right and it just failed and the support technicians can’t help you restore it? But that goes full circle to “First question” what are your needs?

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Wee kiong tan avatar 1431440258?1431440255
Wee Kiong TanReal User

Does it meet my RPO time and RTO time. Does it support backing up my apps with app/data consistent. Does it support the OS in my environment? Does it support the virtualization technology that I am using and leverage on their API to offload process.

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Hernan paggi avatar 1431378783?1431378781
Hernán PaggiReal UserTOP 5

- Backup Time
- Restore time
- Deduplication
- Replicate
- DR Capabilities
- Virtual & Phisical capabilities

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Henry meiring avatar 1431345671?1431345669

Client requirements

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Pascal guichard avatar 1430978993?1430978991

Easy to restore

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Gerso guillen avatar 1430927455?1430927453
Gerso GuillenReal User

A blend of RtO and RpO.
Ease of Pre Failover and Post Failover abilities.

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Claus andersen avatar?1430907763
Claus AndersenReal UserTOP 5

Meeting SLA levels and garanty recoverability within RPO/RTO.
Using systems that can scale and cope with future business within an expected litetime of the system.
Designing a solution that is easy to maintain and support.
People who maintains and runs the backup, should have clear responsebilities and documentation should always exist.

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Cobus smit avatar?1430894625
Cobus SmitReal User

Recoverability of full systems virtual and physical.

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Error Reporting with corrective measures

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Daniel hansson li?1424698875
Daniel HanssonReal UserTOP 20

- The RtO is vital
- Latency data transfer, mainly remote and long distance backups;
- Performance on Restores and Recovers;
- Retention policies;
- Data recovery policies;
- Service Availability (24/7);
- And the last but not the least: The budget.

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Reviewer196860 li?1424354244

-Backup Time (backup Window)
-Restore time
-Solution which can save Backup data size
-Solution which can make DR Backup copy

Like (1)19 February 15
Matt janssen li?1423996509
Matt JanssenReal User

-backup speed How long does it take to make a backup
-restore speed
-restore complexity
-disaster recovery options
-virtual machines capabilities
-is restoring individual items easy (emails, calendar items ...)
-is it possible to backup Online Content like Microsoft 365 files.

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Filipe quintino li?1422959724
Filipe QuintinoReal UserTOP 20

- Latency data transfer, mainly remote and long distance backups;
- Performance on Restores and Recovers;
- Retention policies;
- Data recovery policies;
- Service Availability (24/7);
- And the last but not the least: The budget.

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Mohamed afifi li?1421822793
Mohamed AfifiReal User

-The Average of daily or weekly changes in your data
-High level of recovery options
-Storage media type based on corporate needs
-The size & type of the data

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Anonymous avatar x30

Solving My Backup Problem :
- small time backup windows
- Easy to recovery
- Storage Consent
- Role Based Access Management

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