Which LMS is suitable for my apps?

Hey guys, I need your help. I am building an online learning platform for high school students in Hong Kong. Below are some of the functions that I wish the LMS could do for me.

1. Forum for students to discuss questions.
2. Courses including video and quizzes.
3. Being able to buy "diamonds" using real money to subscript our membership.
4. Can see their own learning progress.
5. Can integrate with my own application instead of using their own layout and design.
6. Elements of gamification: progress, leaderboard, missions, etc....

Please give me some suggestions! Thanks a lot!

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Interesting…is the high school HKIS by the way? If so I went there many years ago!
Anyway. looks like you would probably want an academic LMS and I work with corporate ones…
However, have worked with absorb out of Calgary which is an academic LMS trying to be a corporate one and looks like their version 5 has the elements that your colleague is looking for.
Here is where you will find information on the new HTML5 platform.

You Tube
What is Absorb?

What is Absorb v5? Interface

If you want a corporate LMS have been watching Docebo this past year and they are really coming on strong in the LMS market (over 600 of those solutions now…go figure) as well as Cornerstone LMS that will have access to 3rd Party content that is part of their service

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I suggest Moodle platform (Moodle is an open source application). The link below is from Adobe Education Exchange, you can view this free video training of Moodle 3.1.

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Hi, maybe you could take a look at Sloodle which is the integrated Moodle and Second Life application. From their website: "SLOODLE is an open-source Moodle® module for bridging communication between objects in Second Life® and assignments in Moodle®. Students are able to take quizzes and surveys, submit assignments, record chat conversations, and keep track of Their progress via a points system all viewable from within Second Life®. "
Their website is https://www.sloodle.org I hope it can serve you.

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I'd look at Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle first.