Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months

3 month project

Project Description

Launch a FMCG transactional website in three months because of a hard stop with old website (black box) server closure, with zero handover from previous project manager. 

Lessons Learned

- Go over discovery again to make sure what the business thought it was getting was understood. What was promised by salesman is rarely realised by devs without a lot of pushing

- Don't believe the skills 'hype' of dev teams just because they work for a big name. 

- Don't assume devs have read instructions for integrating a product. In fact, just don't assume! 


ahead of schedule
received recognition / award
support from colleagues
steep learning curve


management had to be convinced
equipment incompatibility
steep learning curve
hard to meet schedule
no handover

Technical Skills Used

  • Agile
  • XML
  • SFTP

Technical Certifications Used

  • Prince2
  • ITiL foundation
  • Agile
  • Greenford (ENG-GB)51.5287-0.35508
  • Bangalore (IN)12.971977.5937
  • Sofia (BG)42.697523.3242
  • Alfreton (ENG-GB)53.0961-1.38832
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