RPA Roundup: Why RPA Fails, Cool RPA Feature, and More

Here are the week’s top briefs about the RPA market.


Gartner finds RPA is the fastest growing market in enterprise software

The RPA market grew over 63% last year, making it the fastest growing enterprise software category. The overall market value of $846 million remains rather modest compared to other multi-billion dollar enterprise software categories. Read more.


Why do RPA projects fail?

New research on the top reasons RPA projects fail:

1. The process is more dynamic than you realize

2. The target UI changes, but your RPA bot doesn’t get the memo

3. You underestimate the political implications

4. You have unrealistic expectations


Comparing UiPath, AA, and Blue Prism

The Chief Architect at a global system integrator told us “If you need only server-side back-end process automation, use Blue Prism. If you need assisted automation or services automation, use Automation Anywhere or UiPath.” Read his review.


Top 5 questions about RPA (according to UiPath)

The top questions about RPA are:

1. How quickly can RPA be implemented?

2. How do we, as an organization, accelerate transformation with RPA?

3. What about software robot security?

4. Can RPA help us with processing information such as in analytics and reporting?

5. How do we calculate ROI for RPA? How do we measure RPA success?


“AI Sense is a Cool Feature”

The VP of RPA at Genpact told us “I think that one of the coolest features of AA is AI Sense. I see an immense potential there. Using AI Sense, we can automate outside Citrix. That's going to remove the client dependency or overall automation journey, and that can give a lot of optimization, cost saving, and time to market.” Read his review.


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