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Director Of Information Technology at a financial services firm
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: Provides instant visibility and…
Deputy Manager at a tech services company
Reviewed FireEye iSIGHT Threat Intelligence [EOL]: If something malicious comes…
Pre-sales Engineer at VFM Systems And Services
Reviewed Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus: Easy to install with a nice…
Forensic Lead, Global Security Fusion Center at a insurance company
Reviewed ReversingLabs Titanium Platform: Very good malware and goodware…
Security Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: It can connect to host and isolate…
IT Manager at a consultancy
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: It has helped us with security and…
Senior Cyber Security Analyst
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: Detailed incident reporting…
Director Of Information Technology at DLZ Construction Svs.
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: Very good for endpoint security…
Associate Director - Infrastructure Engineering at AFT
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: Great protection, excellent…
Information Security Consultant
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon: I like the overall reports of this…