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Aimee white li?1414329795
Website and EComm at a retailer
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Bitlocker - defence in depth
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Operator at Halliburton
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Offers a three-click policy setup.
E7269c87 1348 4d47 9cfd e7447254540b avatar
IT Infrastructure Analyst at a tech services company
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Provides disk protection while...
Anonymous avatar x100
Infrastructure Specialist at a healthcare company
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Protects employee and enterprise...
Ross cohen li?1414330423
Network Engineer at a real estate/law firm
Reviewed Dell Credant: In the enterprise market for...
C7c87844 2371 4b64 a721 2d1dcf98e709 avatar
Microsoft (Active Directory) Consultant at a logistics company
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Prevents Unauthorised Access to...
Dd794502 c29e 4904 b75d 3ea6f2f30377 avatar
Channel Sales Manager at a tech services company
Reviewed Trend Micro Mobile Security: Features that have proven...
69657885 dd61 4fa6 a9a6 0a0ec0376537 avatar
Sales Engineer/Solution Architect at a tech services company
Reviewed Trend Micro Mobile Security: ‚ÄčThe setup is very easy. The...
Picture 374 1370809498
Infrastructure Expert at a tech services company
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: User friendly encryption solution
Anonymous avatar x100
System Administrator at a tech vendor
Reviewed WinMagic SecureDoc: Provides DLP and security of all...

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