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Technical & Pre-Sales Manager at GateLock
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Encrypts files for all operating…
Info Sec Consultant at Size 41 Digital
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Bitlocker - defence in depth
IT Network Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Very secure, and very stable but…
Network Security Architect at a financial services firm
Reviewed Check Point Pointsec: Stable and easy to use, but it…
Director IM/IT at Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Encryption that provides protection…
Operator at Halliburton
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Offers a three-click policy setup.
Information Technology Specialist at Calculus system
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: A cost-effective solution to…
Desk Top Operation Manager at a government
Reviewed Microsoft BitLocker: Enables us to encrypt any agency…
IT Specialist at a non-tech company
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Good performance with a…
IT Manager at a comms service provider
Reviewed Sophos SafeGuard: Easy to deploy, good performance…