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Rhea Rapps
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Jan 20 2019
We had some really interesting answers to this question a few months ago. An IT Central Station community member just wrote: "Since these products evolve so rapidly, do you have any more current responses? Or can you point us to specific and fairly detailed comparisons of IBM MaaS360, VM Workspace One (Airwatch) and Microsoft Intune? Thanks very much for your time! --Lee" 
JijoJosephWhich of these two solutions would you recommend for Mobile Device Management? Why? A: AirWatch, Intune is not matured enough to handle all the policy, platform, at this point in time, maybe future. One of the major issue to handle wireless policy (certificate base) and missing secure launcher (AirWatch) functionality. A: AirWatch bundle as Workspace1 (WS1) which can be managed other devices like Laptop desktop (Windows10, MAC). Are you using a different Mobile Device Management solution? Do you recommend it? We use Intune but moving to Airwatch
Faisal K HanMarket leader in MDM is IBM MaaS 360 in terms of maturity and security but depending upon your enterprise preference you can go with InTune or Airwatch. Further to above comments, it depends upon whats your BYOD policy and what types of devices and OS you have to cater with. Additionally, It further depends if there is an ABW (activity-based working) need to fulfill. Microsoft SCCM, Apple JAMF, IBM MaaS 360 or VM Airwatch choice depends upon your technology model / enterprise architecture.
Keith SchultheissThe differences are very close, Intune cannot push an app to a device. It does it within 8 hours. Some clients need new app versions and upgrades pushed so AirWatch is better. The AirWatch portal is more polished than Intune but that’s more of a tech’s issue and not the customers.

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