CA Cloud Service Management Review

It has the ability to integrate and fit well with other tools in the CA ecosystem. I'd like to see an improved UI for a lot of the systematic commands.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features for me are:

  • Scalable architecture,
  • Customization potential - the UI, background, and data movement allows you to be able to tailor to the nitty gritty details of what you might need in your environment, and
  • Advanced workflow management.

Improvements to My Organization

It has the ability to integrate with other CA tools (we use a lot of others). It fits well into the CA ecosystem of multiple products.

Room for Improvement

It needs a better integration engine.

A UI for a lot of the systematic commands which are still command line interface-based needs improvement.

Stability Issues

Good stability – partially because we implemented it well for hundreds of concurrent users (not thousands) and we never have issues.

Scalability Issues

It's planned for, but not added on so easily. With newer versions with the next upgrade we plan to issue it to more users.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Most often I try to go to high-level support personnel. They redundantly ask for the same information as you move higher up in the support information system, so you need to give them so much information that that often doesn't matter. Once you find the right person, it's easier to get what you need.

Previous Solutions

There was a merger and acquisition and we had competing products, so we looked for a tool that could merge two products, initiating the transfer. We looked for commitment from the vendor for further development of their tool.

Initial Setup

The complexity depends on how you set up. A tiered approach focusing on the modules of management within the program would be best. You can't just roll out all the modules all in one swoop.

Other Solutions Considered

We also looked at BMC and ServiceNow. We chose CA because they integrate with other systems already, so this was easier.

Other Advice

There’s a lot of practices that others consider standard, that you need to adopt yourself or enable/configure, as it's not a given that it's already there.

Size of your business will dictate whether or not you should be looking at this tool. This is not appropriate for a small or even a medium-sized business. Too much overhead for a small company. There's the need for continual maintenance.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

CA Cloud Service Management, we used it as an enterprise help desk system. We setup categories and work groups for Data Team, HR, Accounting, IT, Finance and Procurement.

CA Service Desk Manager within the one year says it does a good job of conceptually tying EITM together well, although it lacks tactical ease of that concept.

I recommend CA Cloud Service Management gives us best results for our Help desk system.

23 March 17

CA Service Desk Manager within the last year says it does a good job of conceptually tying EITM together well, although it lacks tactical ease of that concept.

23 March 17
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