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Allowed us to consolidate the credentials our users need to log on to various sites.

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Valuable Features

CA Single Sign-on is actually our main access control solution which we use to protect our websites, portals and applications, which are exposed internally as well as on the cloud and externally, as well as commercial applications.

Improvements to My Organization

It was very hard to get the end user experience in favor of like you login into one website and then you don't need to login into other website you can just click on the link and go over there. CA Single Sign-on has helped us a lot. The user only needs to use credentials once and then they can single sign-on into other websites which are already integrated into the CA Single Sign-on product.

Room for Improvement

Overall I'd say we're very satisfied with the product but yes, we had outages and performance issues but again I think based on the load and then how we're increasing our applications which are integrating into the solution. We have to do the technical and architecture review time to time to increase our capacity. CA has helped us with the architecture review and with the suggestions to take on the load. Definitely we need to add more servers, more capacity and also we need to go through the architecture review process there.

I'd say the speed to upgrade because I think I heard in the conference that they are trying to go with agile, getting new features in like period of months, a couple of months. That makes it very important for product management team to make it simple to upgrade. That's one of the biggest feature I'd suggest I'd like to see that if they can make the upgrade process simple. Overall I'd valuate it around 7.5 to 8. Definitely even when we select the vendors the product has to be best in the breed in the market.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I think we have a very good relationship with CA. I'd say because I think being a major access vendor product for us it's very crucial for our help cloud as well as our internal applications. We having a tier-1 support from CA and they have been very response whenever we have an issue, I think we get appropriate response from the support. I think right now we're using the solution for our cloud services which is having around 4 million users. I think it will grow to around 11 million plus users by next year and we're actually counting on the Single Sign-on solution to take the load and still meet our requirements.

Initial Setup

Yes it can be complex, I think that's one area we have already given feedback to the product management, that is a little complex to get the set up and get it going and the upgrade process is very complex. Again it takes time to get but I think once the product is installed and it's there then definitely the stability is there. The complexity is the number of components involved in the overall installation and the education part. Like if we don't have skilled team members definitely it needs people with proper skills set to understand the product, different components, the app layer, the database layer all those components makes it little bit complex too to install.

Other Advice

For us the support and maintenance matters most there because once the product is implemented but if we don't have good support at all so that makes it very difficult to run the product. For us, yes the stability plus support is very important. I'd definitely say, do use them to first of all note down all the use cases whatever they want to achieve by implementing SiteMinder. Definitely SiteMinder has a lot of features, a lot of capabilities at all but usually it's not possible for everyone to use each and every feature.

I think based on the business requirements, application requirements they should first list down what are the main criteria or their use cases and based on that they should go with the implementation. That's very important for us because yeah, definitely when a vendor comes in and they tell us about the product and the features which can meet our business needs definitely that helps. Again as I mentioned for us support and maintenance is very important so it's not just once the product is in house and we're done with it.

We definitely look for possible forums and get the user reviews, go to the user groups so that we can find more about the product and supportability. I think we’re early adapters of it when we choose it like it is or it's still the best in the breed product available in the market.

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