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You have full control to write the queries through the workbench tool, but it can only be installed per user.

The web interface is easy to use and intuitive. Since it's cloud based, you can get to your data from anywhere. However, each user account gets a unique view. Cards can be shared between user accounts, but if you are looking for an enterprise dashboard of cards displayed in a specific order, you'll need to work with each user to pull the shared cards to their
dashboard pages.

The workbench tool (to integrate locally housed db data) has room for improvement. It can only be installed per user (rather than per PC) and then it uses the Windows task scheduler to schedule auto updates for the data (if you want). So in order to have these tasks run under a service account, you have to log into a box with it and install the workbench under
that account (no good in my opinion: I never want to log into boxes with service accounts).

The tool is rather pricey for what you get, especially if you use lots of API-based data sources (since in general you have to go through their consulting arm to set up new sources or arrange for new queries to existing after initial set up at ~$225 per hour). If all your data is local, you have full control to write the queries and upload through the workbench tool.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Very thorough review. I've had similar experiences.

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How about Data security ? Does it stand out in Comparison with Tableau or Oracle Business Intelligence?