Hyper-V Review

Not equal or superior to VMware’s ESXi

“We are 4x cheaper with better technology versus VMware.”

I’ve been fairly open in my opinion against the latest round of Microsoft FUD coming out of their Worldwide Partner Conference this week but I felt strongly enough by the utter crap coming out of their mouths to respond in a post.

It’s not so much about the claim to be 4x cheaper than the VMware Cloud Suite…but more the outright incorrect claims that their technology is somehow superior to that of VMware’s.

I’ve found myself in the position to have been exposed to both Hyper-V and ESXi (not counting the Management and Orchestration suites) and in fact I cut my teeth in the Virtualization world on Hyper-V…so unlike others out there who see things only through the rose colored glasses Microsoft seem to sew onto peoples faces… I go by a real world operational perspective that’s not blinkered.

So here it is…Microsoft Hyper-V is not the equal or superior to VMware’s ESXi! And rather than go through feature by feature..In the interest of keeping this post short and to the point, I would challenge anybody to sit someone who has had zero exposure to the Virtualization market to evaluate both Hyper-V and ESXi side by side…without bias or without prejudice there is no doubt in anyone's mind that no logical person would choose Hyper-V as the better hypervisor platform over ESXi. To reinforce that…ESXi will come out on top.

It’s that simple!

Of course I now fall firmly with the side of VMware and some will argue that my own view is blurred but I can tell you that my current opinions are based on fact and experience…not desperate attempts to discredit otherwise far far superior technology…but then again…Microsoft have made a habit of this so it doesn’t surprise me.

Kevin Turner you are a disgrace!

Read more: http://www.crn.com.au/News/389695,vmware-google-apple-catch-a-spray-in-turners-keynote.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=CRN+All+Articles+feed#ixzz37Vca3hea

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user98148 (User)

I totally agree on what has been written in this article

author avatarit_user163023 (Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees)

I totally agree on what has been written in this article

author avatarit_user128166 (User)

So... I agree that claims of being superior are unfounded, however the comment in this article suggesting somebody with no experience in the virtualization space should sit down and evaluate both products to decide which is "better" is just as ridiculous. Products are evaluated by experienced professionals, and the decision on which product is used is entirely circumstantial on an individuals business needs (both current and future). Yes, there are situations when a perfectly logical person would choose Hyper-v, so I agree with how this article started but how it finished was just as bad.

PS... Just to clarify, I fully support esxi over hyper-v wherever possible (and currently think everyone else probably should also), but I also put my customers requirements first and recommend them the best platform for THEIR needs and set of circumstances.

author avatarit_user153117 (Architect at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees)

Me too. And yes license cost of VMware are generally more expensive then Microsoft, however...

Microsoft always compares with buying the most expensive VMware solution that offers way more then what Microsoft can offer and disregards that you probably have a lot already in place and working perfectly well. I have done multiple Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies with customers and even if Microsoft is as 'free' as they claim to be, the TCO of Microsoft is higher then VMware, especially if there is already an installed base of vSphere.

Enterprises looking to replace vSphere with Hyper-V will need to spend a lot of time, money and resources on replacing something they already got and paid for and get something back in return that does not add any value for their business and replaces vSphere with something with a lower quality (not saying Hyper-V is bad, but it is not as good as vSphere, specially for enterprises).

Even Gartner finds that the TCO of vSphere is better then Hyper-V. So don't let Microsoft's marketing fool you.

If you ever consider replacing vSphere with Hyper-V, ask yourself this single question :
- What value does this bring to my business and isn't there something else to do with that money, time and resources to work on something that actually matters....

Sorry about this rant, but I am tired Microsoft's marketing shouting about how 'free' they are and comparing their apple with a tree full of pears.

Just use common sense and you will see right through their FUD

author avatarit_user89190 (User)

Wow. Someone needs to do their homework. Making a blanket statement without backing up the facts? Why not "go through feature by feature?" If you are truly comparing only Hyper-V vs ESXi Free than there is no comparison. Microsoft's Hyper-V blows ESXi away with the features that you won't list. If you are trying to compare Hyper-V with VMware vSphere suites than there isn't a comparison because these two products are not comparable. I will even go out and say, yes Microsoft is now equal and in some areas better than vSphere Enterprise Suite vs CIS or ECI (Hyper-V and System Center)

author avatarit_user361485 (Product Engineer at a recruiting/HR firm with 1,001-5,000 employees)

To keep it short; when working with VMM I found some tasks to be too cumbersome compared to vSphere and vCenter. Setting access rights was a nightmare in VMM, a dream in ESXi and vCenter. However, I liked the IP pools concept in VMM. vCenter also has IP pools, but they are designed for usage with virtual appliances and can't as easily be used for auto assigning static IP-adresses to auto-deployed virtual machines like in VMM. Automation worked better with VMM and Microsofts Orhestrator, then with Microsofts Orhestrator and VMWare.