Intalio bpms [EOL] Review

Its an amazing and remarkable BPM tool

A great tool of its kind; I am using and experimenting on Intalio for about 9 years (since launch of its new generation eclipse based process modeler) through instigating various types of BPM-SOA enactments for several platforms.

Offers a wide range of solutions in business process management and governance with its more rich and enhanced user interface. The community edition is an easy way for any company to start trialing Intalio.

Designer tool is for graphical representation of Business processes that relies on Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) elements which in-turn transforms to Business Process Executable Language (BPEL) based on standard methodologies. This BPEL is compared against latest draft of WS-BPEL which is executed at Intalio Server. The Form editor in Designer allows creating wide range of customized user defined forms.
Intalio server executes the processes defined or modeled by Designer; processes can also be exported directly. Allows superior customization depends on customer needs. Supports all major platforms and can be integrated with many open source tools.
- Console UI to scrutinize complete process life cycle and versioning
- Workflow UI to work with Human tasks, notifications and escalations
- BAM UI to monitor dashboards and reports
- WSI Console to invoke web services

Significant features:
- Introduced a new mobile app in version 6.5
- Real time process monitoring and possibility to arbitrate them directly through BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) as it allows defining reports built on the events generated.
- Business process templates for re-usability
- Excellent response time during process modeling
- Expedient scripts for database persistence and for data migration

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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