Oracle OBIEE Review

It's a flexible tool that's centralized, secure, and allows for enterprise-wide reporting.

Valuable Features

  • Governance
  • Centralized metadata model
  • Integration (security, external visualizations, etc.)

Room for Improvement

Better and more interactive visualizations.

Use of Solution

8 years

Deployment Issues

Clustering and security (SSL, SSO, etc) can be tough at times.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support team is timely with responses, but working out through issues can take some time.

Previous Solutions

Yes, used Cognos (IBM) previously. Switch was due to management decision.

Initial Setup

Initial (simple) set up is straight forward, but complex environments (multiple nodes, complex security requirements) can be complicated. That said, once set up the tool is very flexible and addresses enterprise-wide requirements

Other Advice

This is a good solution, but its strengths (centralized, secure, enterprise-wide reporting) can also be seen as weaknesses if you are looking for a more flexible, lighter-footprint reporting package with better visuals. That said, newer versions of the tool have gone a long way to catch up on the visuals side (new views, external viz options, etc) and flexibility as well (BI Cloud Service).

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: My company is a consultancy working with several products by this vendor, as well as products by other vendors.
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