Oracle OBIEE Review
The ETL component extracts data from different source systems. It should be easier for users to access other data.

Valuable Features

I believe the most valuable feature is the ETL, the component to extract the data from the source system.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows us to bring data from key systems together and provide useful information in metric form to our leaders.

Room for Improvement

I’d like to see an easier way to go ahead and allow users to access other data, maybe to query it and so forth; maybe from a user, UI perspective. I've noticed, as I’ve mentioned, other tools that are out there. It's very much about the user experience, and I don't know if the current look and feel is lending towards that.

Stability Issues

It works well. I think it was more of the implementation that we faced. Once we got the kinks worked out of it, it seems to work pretty well. The load seems to be completely maintainable.

Scalability Issues

I think it's scalable. It just might not seem that it's as easy. We do have other products now that are coming into the market that are a lot easier for us to go ahead and use a mixed set of data.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We haven't been using the support as much. We have contractors and consultants that we're working with already that provide us that help as an alternative service.

Previous Solutions

We did have BusinessObjects. We had it for many years, and it's very old. I don't think that it was scalable. It didn't have the performance that we were looking at and the capability of pulling in outside mixed data.

Initial Setup

I was not involved in the initial setup, but I did hear about it from the other team members. As I’ve mentioned, we had an implementation partner involved with this, and it didn't work out as well. I think that they tried to give us a tool out-of-the-box, and then we definitely needed customizations to work with our data.

Other Solutions Considered

At the time that we made the decision to go with this product, there weren’t that many other players in this area. Over the past three years or so, there's been a surge of new players in the market. We've probably had OBIEE for about five years now. At the time, it was pretty new. There weren't a whole lot of options and OBIEE was probably the best tool around.

When I’m looking for a vendor such as Oracle, the most important criteria I consider are the partnership and the support. We've been an Oracle shop for a long time and I know that there are certain relationships that I've had with the account team. That's important. I think that, again, really working together and providing us information that will help us make the decisions towards new solutions, whether with Oracle or with Dell. Then, definitely, if we need help with escalations and so forth we can turn to them.

Other Advice

I think that you really need to understand your data analytics strategy to understand which functions and features that you're looking for. The business itself needs to be ready to take this on because it's definitely not an IT solution. The premise around a lot of the analytics solutions is really to empower the business now to take the ball and run with it, create their own reports, create their own dashboards. You need to make sure that the business is able to go ahead and have the skill sets to start taking up that responsibility, or at least to come up with a roadmap of how they're going to get there.

It does what it's supposed to and it will work, but it definitely can be better.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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