Sophos Cyberoam UTM Review

We do not have misuse of bandwidth and the firewall and anti-spam filter work great for me.

Valuable Features

Most valuable feature I am using I would say is the bandwidth management for users. I have users who misuse the net and I have given them caps so it is properly utilized. Another feature I use is the VPN. I have an entity that requires 24x7x365 connectivity and the Cyberoam is very simple when it comes to monitoring that or refreshing that connection.

Improvements to My Organization

A simple example would be the bandwidth usage. We do not have misuse of bandwidth and the firewall and anti-spam filter work great for me. I see a lot of dos attacks that are stopped which is also a plus point. So organizations productivity is higher thanks to the Cyberoam as users are restricted from unnecessary websites and bandwidth is capped and company functions do not suffer.

Room for Improvement

Not many things would need to be added but I strongly feel it could be made more robust. For example, the cooling system in the device could do with a good revamp. There are times when the device gets too hot and begins to misbehave. Other things that could be improved are the password complexity policy and the password history policy. One thing that could be done as well is to create role based users like we have in the active directory. There are times when we have users who are not admins but need to monitor the device and access levels do not exist for such users.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We don't contact Sophos directly. It is usually through a local partner/vendor.

Other Advice

I would recommend for others to go and view the demo. Make sure this device will suit you needs especially in terms of expansion. Also look into support as not many times support is available. It is a simple to understand product but does require some skill to manage and maintain the device for optimal usage.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarGroup MIS Administrator at RioZim Ltd

Great review, indeed the device has room for improvement