Tableau Review
It has simpler, cleaner and story-telling charts. Tableau requires less lead-time to develop charts and integrated dashboards for predictive analytics.

Valuable Features

Data visualization: Simpler and cleaner charts, easier for users to perform self-service, not so steep learning curve for non-technical users; good integration to big data Hadoop and predictive analysis, well integrated with other ETL tools. Less-technical maintenance cost compared to QlikView, which requires the developer to do more scripting.

Improvements to My Organization

It is easier for users to do self-servicing; simpler, cleaner and story-telling charts; and requires less lead-time to develop charts/dashboard integration with predictive analytics and big data platform Hadoop.

Room for Improvement

Enhance standard reporting like QlikView (scheduled reports, notifications etc.); for MNCs, the server version license is not cheap; and row-level security: every user needs a DB account, which can give a hacker more opportunity to attack via more DB accounts.

Use of Solution

I have used Tableau for two years.

Deployment Issues

I had a deployment issue: No version control means you can't roll back to earlier versions once overwritten/published.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I rate technical support 8/10.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward.

Implementation Team

An in-house team implemented Tableau.


Tableau seems to have easier user acceptance than QlikView because of the simpler charts and big data integration, increasing the possibility of helping an organization transform from reactive analysis to predictive analysis.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Server versions are not cheap and pretty similar for both Tableau and QlikView in terms of price. I don't see a big difference; it really depends on your organization's need.

Other Solutions Considered

I also evaluated MS BI and QlikView. Compared with MS BI, I find Tableau and QlikView have stronger visualization; intuitive data insights; less development lead time - MS BI requires creating OLAP cubes, which takes more time; clearer and simpler charts; and intuitive data mapping/insights.

Other Advice

If you have more developers/technical people and want to do more standard reporting without Hadoop, go for QlikView; if you have more business users with some SQL knowledge and would like to do predictive analytics, and integration with big data platform Hadoop, go for Tableau.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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