Vertica Review

We thought the Management Console was a nice feature, but it turns out it gives us insight on what is happening behind the scenes.

Valuable Features

Speed of query response time for complicated queries on tables with billions of rows including joins on varchar columns. There is no limitation on which columns can be queried or joined on and we see query times in the milliseconds for a lot of queries that just won't return at all from other products.

Ease of administration. The Management Console we thought was a nice to have turns out to give us insight on what is happening behind the scenes so easily it has sped up query tuning, insight as to what jobs are running, and resource use on the boxes the product sits on.

Style of deployment. We were able to build out a server farm exactly as we are accustomed to. We did not have to buy fancy hardware. Our first cluster was deployed on servers we had sitting around from other migrations and replaced products. As we grow also the growth is native to how we do business.

Improvements to My Organization

We can have insight into data we never had before. We can provide that insight to internal users so we do not have to generate reports for them all the time. With response times like these there is no concern of having them wait for results to return and so they do not think things are broken.

Room for Improvement

Getting the Management Console up and running as expected was a bit of a challenge.

Use of Solution

We've been using it for one and a half years.

Stability Issues

We have amazing stability. We even had to migrate the databases to other boxes and found it moved the data without much intervention from us and no down time. It worked exactly as a cluster should. We joke here all the time that we would love to say we like Vertica support but since we never need them, we actually do not know!

Scalability Issues

Scalability is one of the huge strengths of this product, and scalable in a way, as I said before, that is native to how we do business.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We've never had to contact them.

Previous Solutions

We switched off of Infobright because it was not performant at all at the scale we needed. The number of limitations on Infobright are too many to list in a small review like this.

Initial Setup

Initial setup of the database was straightforward.

Implementation Team

We did need support though for the initial installation. They were incredibly responsive and helpful and deployment was completed in a very reasonable amount of time despite issues initially getting the Management Console up and running.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Pricing is more than fair. This is very reasonably priced and since it is a perpetual license you are not stuck paying it again and again.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Netezza and Teradata alongside Vertica.

Other Advice

Do you want to stand up a data warehouse in a reasonable amount of time using the in-house skills accustomed to dealing with an RDBMS? If that is the case, nothing beats Vertica, hands down.

Disclosure: IT Central Station contacted the reviewer to collect the review and to validate authenticity. The reviewer was referred by the vendor, but the review is not subject to editing or approval by the vendor.
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