WSO2 Carbon [EOL] Review

It allows you to deal with any mediation situation based on messages using concepts like proxy services and APIs.

Valuable Features

The Enterprise Service Bus is really fast and flexible, it allows you to deal with any mediation situation based on messages using concepts like proxy services, APIs, and it has lots of connectors that facilitates its interaction with other products.

The Application server is based on Tomcat and as you might know all the enterprise grade servers of this kind are based on it, so nothing else to say about it.

Improvements to My Organization

The Data Services Server is a beautiful product which allows you to "expose" your data as REST and/or SOAP services secured or not using any of the databases you might to keep your business data.

Using with the Identity server it gives you the possibility to manage all the identity subjects in your Organization, it connects out of the box to any corporate user store you have through LDAP or JDBC, it allows you to manage different mechanisms to implement authentication / authorization using Web SSO, SAML2, OAUTH2, federated authentication, among others. Also, it allows you to control all this through its administrative interface which could be exposed out of the box as SOAP services and also you can use it to implement role based access controls using XACML policies and business claims.

Room for Improvement

In a general sense, the documentation of these products should be improved. The product is great and does what it's designed for, but the documentation is a little poor in many cases.

Use of Solution

I have personally worked using the Enterprise Service Bus, Application Server, Data Services Server and Identity Server in development, QA and production environments.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Although it is open source, you have the option of commercial support to help in development projects and to maintain your production environments.

Other Advice

This is a complete SOA platform which has many products to work with. It is suitable for lots of integration projects.

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