ConnectWise Control Valuable Features

Robert Shofkom
Senior IT and Telecommunications Consultant Extraordinaire~ at a tech services company
Ease of use is good, it's very easy to use, very easy to understand. It gives us remote access to the PC without any issues. That's the most important thing. View full review »
Andy Warner
IT Manager
The ease of use is really good. In addition, obviously, uptime - making sure it's online and working for when we need it. The interface is very good and, overall, it is a really pleasant experience. View full review »
Senior Marketing Analyst at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The unattended access functionality is a valuable feature, because I can go in at any time that I want, deploy fixes, or do maintenance. It is super easy to use and relatively inexpensive. View full review »
User at a tech company
Valuable features include the * responsiveness * ability to tune up and tune down the connection * video. We use it globally, so I can be on with Philippines, Singapore, Eastern Europe, wherever. Being able to flip quickly between however many monitors that I have running, detune the video for black and white, or with fewer colors to make it faster, is amazing. You don't end up with that half-second lag as you do if you're using TeamViewer or something like that and you have a slow connection. With ConnectWise, you can tune that problem out. It is extremely useful with our customer base. View full review »
Paul Christian
The unattended access, because it allows me to remotely support my clients with ease. View full review »
IT Manager
It's very easy to use. Provides connections that are always on. It was nice to be able to see a list of end-points and see whether or not they were connected so I could troubleshoot any network issues I had. View full review »
Dentist at a health, wellness and fitness company
Being able to access any computer that's connected to it is the most important aspect. That's the reason we have the software. View full review »
Session groups and triggers are the most valuable features, because they make a greater degree of organization possible. A greater degree of organization is valuable to my organization, because we have many sessions to handle. Therefore, keeping track of them all would be more difficult without these features. View full review »
IT Network Specialist
The product is very easy to use. All the features are valuable. View full review »
The most valuable feature is that it was the cheapest solution. That's where it has value for me. View full review »
Konstantin Chernitsky
System Administrator/Engineer
Unattended access is the most important. The ease of use is perfect, very easy and useful. It provides us with an option for connecting to our clients quickly and to provide a fast response to a problem. Also valuable are the options that enable us to connect to our clients without installing extensions. View full review »
Dillon Simmons
Owner at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Control is the only product which is worthwhile from ConnectWise. View full review »
Sanjay Ahluwalia
Manager of Implementation and Support
* Remote access. * It's very easy to use. View full review »
Remote access on all devices. View full review »
Henry Murphy
IT & Operations at a Consumer Goods with 51-200 employees
Remote connect via webpage. I use it to support employees when I am not in the office or when they are at a remote location. View full review »

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