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What is ExaGrid EX?

ExaGrid's disk backup with deduplication system is purpose-built for backup that leverages an architecture optimized for scalability, performance, and price. The system scales as needed by adding ExaGrid appliances, which virtualize into a GRID architecture automatically, adding capacity and processing power while acting and being managed as one unified system.

ExaGrid disk-based backup appliances include GRID computing software, which virtualizes them into a single pool of long-term capacity. Capacity load balancing of all data across servers is automatic, and multiple GRID systems can be combined for a total logical backup capacity of 16PB.

ExaGrid EX Customers

7-Eleven, ABC, ACNB Bank, Admiration Foods, Aeroflex, AGH, Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Alberta Motor Association, Allegro MicroSystems, American Standard, Ameris Bank, Arch Reinsurance Ltd., Arthritis Foundation

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