Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Competitors and Alternatives

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IT Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Feb 26 2018

What do you think of DataCore SANsymphony?

Primary Use Case Oracle OLTP benchmark to test how it improves the performance while using flash drive NVMP. • Improvements to My Organization It is a well-proven, automated management tool in all dynamic provisioning, auto-tiering, great performance, parallel I/O, cache speed mechanism, etc.  • Valuable Features Parallel I/O, because there is no performance degrade nor cache hit when there is a 100% update and 70/30 read/write. There is no performance impact and latency is just 20 ms. • Room for Improvement Unified storage (all block, objects, and files) should be in a single storage pool with unified storage concepts, hence providing the user with whatever they want. • Use of Solution One to three years.
IT Manager at a construction company with 51-200 employees
Jul 16 2018

What is most valuable?

Ten gigabit Ethernet compatibility, support, ease of use, and management. This solution can be used with hardware RAID. Additionally, there are many white papers and informational studies about how to utilize the software.

How has it helped my organization?

This is a cost effective solution that allows us to have an HA clustered environment with redundancy and scalability. Storage has been very stable, and without issues, failures, or bugs.

What needs improvement?

Updates seem to be non-existent. The software is stable, but I do not get any updates or emails about new releases.
Real User
Solutions Architect at a tech services company
Jul 08 2017

What is most valuable?

The most valuable features are: * Automation * RecoverPoint for VMware * Self-healing capability In a production environment, these features ramp up the provisioning, security and provides faster deployment.

What needs improvement?

There is not much improvement needed. If you work with the HC Platform, vSAN is not directly touched, i.e., once the HC appliance takes care of it. I have worked with VxRail, which is a Hyper converged Platform, as it has vSAN embedded as well as it is fully automated the vSAN configuration. As I did not work with the implementation, but the analyses of... more»

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