Skype for Business Room for Improvement

Owner at CyberFooks
With respect to installing it in a large multinational, I find that installing it so that it gives decent performance across the company, can be a bit of black science. The ease of configuration or the lack of decent tooling to pinpoint your problems is probably its biggest issue. That's not just an issue with Skype For Business. That's pretty much across the board with unified communication systems. What I'd really love them to provide would be an easy method of linking or connecting to other Skype For Business personnel in other companies who are also using Skype For Business without having to set up a federation. There are lots and lots of companies now using Skype For Business with other unified communications products. You can send someone a link, and then they can come into your Skype For Business meeting. We have issues trying to do Skype For Business. View full review »
Developer at a photography company with 1-10 employees
The implementation could be improved. In my case, I don't necessarily pick up audio, so I have to dial in. I have two connections. One is a visual and one is strictly for audio calls. Some other users aren't experiencing that issue. It's inconsistent and I'm not sure why. I also can't say with certainty that this is a Skype problem or if something else is causing the discrepancy. There seems to be some sort of setting whereby it pretty much keeps instant messenger open all the time. I don't know what the settings are, or if this can be switched off. I believe there's an integration with that, where it assumes a certain status. I haven't had a chance to manually change it or to look into how to adjust it. The integration with Outlook could be improved. There could be more opportunities for setting up your current status. The solution feels like it's pretty bare-bones. There could be some additional features added, perhaps on the statuses or something of that nature because as it stands now, it's pretty sparse. I have heard that they're going to be introducing some features pretty soon. I hope that's the case. View full review »
Analyst at Leripe Construtora
The use of multiple users making calls from both audio conferencing and video conferencing requires a good connection to the internet. If one of the users has a poor internet connection, this failure will compromise the meeting, causing delays and distortions in the communications. View full review »
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AVP - Global Talent Acquisition at CtrlS Datacenters
There is sometimes a lag, often because this is not integrated with a few fields. We are in India, so we have some restrictions on some key integrations. For example, it cannot integrate with our internal landlines. When I was in the United States, this wasn't a problem at all. We need some sort of functionality whereby users can use a link as browser calling. Calling only is what is available to us. That's not in every country, however, just a few. They should make it standard across the board around the world. The solution isn't connected to Microsoft Teams, and I feel like there is better communication on that particular solution. The group capabilities are a bit less than Teams. I have some standard meetings that happen on a regular basis, and it would be nice if I could just go directly to them from Skype instead of looking into my calendar and clicking on a link. Group calling is not available on Skype right now. View full review »
Owner at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
It would be ideal if the solution could make instant messages more permanent. Currently, if you close the conversation, you lose the instant messages that you shared during the meeting. If those could last beyond the meeting, that would be a great addition, due to the fact that frequently, people give each other key details, important information, or email addresses, etc., during the meeting. If you don't write it down during the meeting, after the meeting closes, it's gone forever. That can be quite frustrating. The ability for the solution to offer a grid view, so you can see all of the people on a call at the same time, instead of just a few selected ones, would be ideal. View full review »
Marc Spicer
Director Of Technology at UNCF
Going forward, I would like to see better call quality and reliability. View full review »
Akash Mukherjee
Manager Global Business Development at Trigent Software Ltd
We have issues with the Skype bandwidth, particularly for external meetings, which is why we also use Google Meet. Also, the sound quality of Skype is not great - there is a constant background humming noise. Clarity is essential, especially in our planning meetings. We can't rely on Skype for that and that's why we sometimes use Google Meet instead. View full review »
Manager, Quality and Process Excellence at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
The quality of calls has to be improved. I don't know whether it is a server problem that is taking away from the quality, but I have found that it is sometimes poor. We have had trouble with scalability when trying to host large meetings. View full review »
Rasik Chauhan
User at TechnipFMC
Skype for Business is good for the PCs with higher bandwidth, but an improvement is required for low bandwidth usage. View full review »
AVP - Global Talent Acquisition at CtrlS Datacenters
We have found that there is a lag because it cannot integrate with the internal landline. It's easier to integrate in the U.S. We use a link as a browser calling so only calling is available. View full review »
Nasser El-Attar
Network Services Manager at a university with self employed
We need a feature where you can virtually raise your hand to silently let the presenter know that you have a question. View full review »
There is normal interface of software,it should be user friendly and eye catchy.Nothing esle and i cannot explain much. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Skype for Business. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: December 2020.
455,164 professionals have used our research since 2012.