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Real User
Data Scientist at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
Oct 15 2017

What is most valuable?

I believe the most valuable feature of Tableau is the flexibility it offers with regards to the types of visualizations the user can create. A lot of other products in this space offer limited chart types and work in a way that provide little... more»

How has it helped my organization?

In our line of work, we primarily use Tableau Desktop/Server to visualize data based on our clients’ requirements. Once, while dealing with a procurement scenario, we found that the client could save $2.00 on each unit of Part A if they... more»

What needs improvement?

I would like to see the inclusion of a template to create a speedometer chart. I can understand that Tableau doesn’t have it as one of its default chart types because it’s not a good way to represent the data. Indeed that’s true, but... more»
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Real User
Principal Business Intelligence Analyst at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees

What is most valuable?

There are so many smart features baked into this product, it's hard to even rank them. I think what makes Tableau stand out over other software I've used is that it doesn't start with a visualization, then pump numbers into it: It starts with... more»

How has it helped my organization?

The use case has been different from one organization to another. In most cases, the initial buy-in and value-add is at the analyst level. The freedom to calculate, then derive, then iterate - that never-ending cycle every analyst out there... more»

What needs improvement?

Connectivity seems to be a sticky point, but it's also a hard nut to crack at the level that I would love to see. Tableau is fast, razor sharp on the whole - WHEN you use an extract. The problem is querying the data to fill the extract is... more»
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Real User
DHS HQ at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
Aug 23 2017

What is most valuable?

It’s good for quick visualization and being able to quickly consume unstructured data to play around with. This is good way to show a demonstration/prototypes of dashboards and scenarios for design discussions on reporting requirements or to... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Good for adhoc visualization of an unstructured dataset which comes from other sources outside of source systems that you can overlay on top of the structured data and you have to get a quick visualization dashboard prototype going. It helps... more»

What needs improvement?

It is good for its use if ad hoc, offline, or needed for quick turnaround on reports/dashboards. It is not so great when it comes to data exchange/integration, data mining, etc. I rely on what’s available in current versions to see what APIs... more»
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Real User
Senior HR Analyst at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
May 08 2017

What is most valuable?

The data blending capabilities is a huge factor for our team. The ease of blending data from multiple sources has allowed us to generate new insight and bring a different level of questions to the meeting table. The type of dashboards we have... more»

How has it helped my organization?

We’ve been able to replace several manual spreadsheet reports that took hours for individuals to complete. With Tableau Server and some automation processes put in place, those reports are now automatically delivered to the end users, saving... more»

What needs improvement?

Formatting controls could use some improvement. We’ve found that to be the most confusing part of developing reports, at least until you get use to where all the controls are at and how to use them. Ideally, making a user-friendly interface... more»
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Real User
BI Architect at a healthcare company with 501-1,000 employees

What is most valuable?

Tableau excels at data visualization and exploration. Terminologies such as a "sheet" are similar to the concept of a worksheet in Excel. Connection to most databases are supported out of the box. These factors keeps the learning curve short... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Tableau has empowered the business users to get answers to their data questions without relying on IT teams. Rather than following build, wait, and iterate cycle, business teams are able to analyze the data much more quickly and identify... more»

What needs improvement?

Many areas for improvement are in Enterprise features. Some of which are: 1. A private folder on the server for a user to store his/her files. 2. A built-in tool for deployment and migration between multiple Tableau Server environments. 3.... more»
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Content and Community Manager
IT Central Station
Larry keller li?1414328940
Larry KellerFolks - The primary Tableau audience remains the under-served business user.... more »
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Guillermo (Bill) CabiroTableau's automatic "Data Interpreter" and its "Show Me" feature that creates... more »
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ANGEL Why haven´t included Microsoft Power BI in this article? more »
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Orlee GillisANGEL, Thanks for your comment. Please find the link to our Microsoft BI... more »

User Assessments By Topic About Tableau

I would like to see the inclusion of a template to create a speedometer chart. I can understand that Tableau doesn’t have it as one of its default chart types because it’s not a good way to represent the data. Indeed that’s true, but speedometers are quite popular and once we had a client who was insistent on having highly-customizable speedometers and I had to spend a good amount of time to create them via multiple workarounds. In my experience, I've seen many customers who do not want to consider alternatives to speedometers. I’ll address these two points: * Speedometers/dial charts are a not-so-good way to represent data * I had to resort to multiple workarounds to create a speedometer in Tableau First, I’ll give you a few reasons as to why speedometers are not considered to be a good way to visualize data: * Low data-ink ratio: ‘Data’ here refers to the data that you want to show on your chart/graph and ‘ink’ refers to the aesthetic elements of the chart such as lines, colors, indicators or any other designs. A low data-ink ratio implies that the quantity of ‘ink’ on the chart is very high relative to the small quantity of ‘data’ that is present on the chart. What does a speedometer or a dial chart do? It shows you the current state in which the user would be able to define the bands and bandwidths. The spreadsheet had a list of numbers from one to hundred and against each number, the user could specify the band. I made the top pie containing the red, yellow & green bands more transparent and this gave the appearance of a needle pointing to the KPI value, also indicating into which band the number fell, thereby enabling the client to gauge their performance.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Tableau, SAS, Microsoft and others in Business Intelligence Tools.
252,770 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Tableau Projects By Members

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Big data
Real Estate Analysis Bay County, FL
Case Study - Analysis of Real Estate Sales in Bay County, FL During 2015 Analysis of qualified real... more»
Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R'
Visualizations designed for Demand Planning, integrating with 'R' - Designed to understand customer historical... more»

Tableau Consultants

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Director of Development
Business Intelligence: Raw Data or Strategic Analytics' There is a big difference between corporate information and Strategic Knowledge. Corporate Information usually consists of internal raw data while Strategic Knowledge is the business wisdom necessary to achieve profitable growth... more>>
Gareth crawshaw li?1414337963

An experienced and ambitious BI Lead, with experience in the Financial Services and Technology industries. With advanced analytical skills developed in Banking & Insurance, coupled with leadership of data warehousing programmes. I specialise in transforming information into value adding... more>>
Larry keller li?1414328940

VIA or Visual Intelligence and Analysis provides training from basic to expert level using Tableau as well as technical data preparation skills when the data are not Tableau ready. Training and documentation is available in English, Spanish and French. Specialties: Subject Matter Expertise... more>>
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Pre-Sales Technical Consultant
With over two years of rich experience in business development, designing and developing of Business Intelligence applications, Balance Scorecard Sheets along with good exposure to industry specific Key Performance Metrics in Financial, Insurance, Investment, and E-Commerce Sectors. I seek to... more>>
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Consultant Director
Experienced professional with blended knowledge in visual analytics development, statistics, logistics and operation optimization. Specialized in translating user requirements into tangible visualizations to track performance, detect outliers and perform root cause analysis.
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TOP 20
VP, Business Insights
Guided Analytics Highly skilled in data exploration, analysis, visualization and presentation. Experienced in descriptive, behavioral and predictive customer analytics using industry standard tools and processes (SQL, R, Rapid Miner, MS SSAS, MS Excel). Highly skilled in guided analytics,... more>>
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TOP 20
Data Visualization and BI Consultant
An astute data analyzer and visualization expert with sound knowledge on BI solution development and implementation. Rich experience in catering to business verticals in different industries with normal to highly complex data intricacies and reporting environment. Specialties: Business... more>>
Damien keogh li?1414339021
10 years business experience in life insurance industry, followed by 15 years experience as an analyst developer in a wide range of technologies, including: COBOL, PL1, CICS, Mantis on IBM mainframe C++, Java, VB(6) Currently working as a lead analyst and developer in Business Intelligence,... more>>
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Senior Consultant
8 years of experience in several sectors in information systems, mainly in conception of BI solutions and financial software. Capable of addressing an entire project lifecycle from requirements gathering to testing and deployment.
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Assistant Consultant
I have more than 10 years of experience in Data Warehousing and have worked extensively in Informatica, OBIEE, Business Objects, Talend and Tableau. Motorola has been my client for all these years. I've worked in various data warehouses of Motorola (Mobility).I've extensive experience in working... more>>

What is Tableau?

Tableau is an enterprise analytics platform that enables your organization to explore trusted data in a secure and scalable environment. It gives people access to intuitive visual analytics, interactive dashboards, and limitless ad-hoc analyses that reveal hidden opportunities and eureka moments alike. Get the security, governance, and management you require to confidently integrate Tableau into your business—on-premises or in the cloud—and deliver the power of true self-service analytics at scale.

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Also known as
Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online
Tableau customers

Accenture, Adobe,, Bank of America, Charles Schwab Corp, Citigroup, Coca-Cola Company, Cornell University, Dell, Deloitte, Duke University, eBay, Exxon Mobil, Fannie Mae, Ferrari, French Red Cross, Goldman Sachs, Google, Government of Canada, HP, Intel, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Macy's, Merck, The New York Times, PayPal, Pfizer, US Army, US Air Force, Skype, and Walmart.

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