What is TIBCO Jaspersoft?

JasperSoft is one of the most widely deployed business intelligence (BI) suites in the world, mostly due to its cost effectiveness. JasperSoft has an open-source codebase which allows it to be easily tailored to the needs of different clients, and big data reporting can be used with or without extract, transform,and load (ETL). It also possesses a pay-per-hour model, which can result in cost-savings if used correctly. JasperSoft has a number of pre-built templates for reporting to help make development of reports go quickly without the need for the end user to have IT experience. The dashboard features a drag-and-drop designer, which helps workers better visualize the data. It allows various kinds of data to be visualized including OLAP, relational, and other sources by using HTML5 to create interactive charts. JasperSoft also offers interactive maps and widgets for mobile devices, allowing for easy consumption of data when away from the desktop. The mobile devices also have customizable drag-and-drop dashboards. The columnar engine helps aggregate data, which speeds response times for enterprises that have to deal with large and complex data. The United States Marine Corps needed access to metrics in order to better run the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. These metrics included: scheduling the availability of operational resources, identifying risks associated with implementing IT changes, and data for ongoing root analysis. With the IT Service Management application through JasperSoft, the ability for the base to provide response to its user communities has been greatly enhanced. NOTE: Jaspersoft was acquired in April of 2014 by Tibco, makers of the BI solution, Spotfire. As of the most recent update to this page, seen in the date below this description, Jaspersoft is still supported and sold as a BI software solution. Compare JasperSoft with other business intelligence solutions using our Business Intelligence SmartAdvisor.
Sample customers
Mosaic, Vander University, Telesoft, Entrust, Ericsson, BT, Groupon, John Hopkins, Puma

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3.5 out of 5 stars
Reporting tools report from it central station 2017 08 26 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Tableau, Qlik, Oracle and others in Reporting Tools.
228,467 professionals have used our research on 5,836 solutions.
Reporting tools report from it central station 2017 08 26 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Tableau, Qlik, Oracle and others in Reporting Tools.
228,467 professionals have used our research on 5,836 solutions.


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Elesh MistryJaspersoft does have a ETL tool called Jaspersoft-ETL which is an OEM of the... more »
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Nikos KonstantinidisI am using Pentaho's di (spoon) atm at work for data warehousing and... more »
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Diego HidalgoJaspersoft had no ETL tools, or tools to generate cubes Mondrian although it... more »
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Elesh MistryDiego, thats not correct. Jaspersoft has the OLAP Schema workbench... more »
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VinayPentaho has also OLAP Schema workbench tool using we can create cubes and can... more »

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System Analyst at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

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Hi, I am Patrick de Witt and I am a member of the partnership BiDWH which is part of company The Future Group connecting over more than 200 professionals on various areas like Business Intelligence and datawarehouse, SAP, Oracle, Java, Testing, Architecture, Project Management and Human... more>>
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First in Theoretical Physics with 2 years post-grad study of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Founded Butler Group - Europe's largest indigenous IT analyst firm until acquisition by Datamonitor in 2005. Founder of Butler Analytics - dedicated to analysis of analytics technologies and... more>>

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