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Jaspersoft vs. Pentaho. Which should we choose?


We're looking to build a company that provides Business Intelligence solutions to our clients. We want to focus on one BI system to develop, and we have narrowed down the options to Jaspersoft and Pentaho. 

Can you provide a comparison of these products? What are the main pros and cons of each of them?

We're looking for information about functionality and from a technical perspective. 

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It's tough to suggest one or the other without more information on your architecture, who your end users are, and how you will be delivering analytics to your customers.

Pentaho is a great solution for complex data integration and data blending (particularly in Big Data and NoSQL scenarios. They have deep native connectivity and job orchestration for Hadoop, NoSQL, and analytic databases). On the BI side, they have the full spectrum on analytics: static, enterprise reporting to interactive reporting and dashboards to data discovery and predictive analytics. Pentaho is a "jack of all trades".

However, Pentaho is inferior to Jaspersoft in important elements dealing with the delivery, adoption, and value extracted from BI: Jaspersoft has a more robust JavaScript API for seamless embedding in web applications (a massive difference maker from a development standpoint if you plan on embedding a BI server in your app). Jaspersoft also has out-of-the-box multi tenancy support which is necessary if you plan on intelligently and securely serving analytics in your app to your clients. Pentaho's multi-tenancy requires manual configuration (again, a large investment on your dev team and it will delay your time to market)...

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Great review!

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Thank you very much guys.
I didn't think my post would get a response like this. It's great.

Well, my partner and I plan to start developing one of these business intelligence solutions, and if all goes well, we'll start develop on the product and finally build a company to provide solutions to our clients. Maybe it is premature to talk about the company now, but that is our vision. Now we need to decide which BI systems we should develop. We need the opinion of the experts here.

Eventually, I wish that in the end the BI System which we choose will be the best BI system, and the most wanted BI Service. Based on all of the comments above, I think Pentaho is the best match for us, what do you guys say?

Many thanks in advance,
Togar Hutabarat.

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Agree, as per feedback from my clients, Pentaho has the confidence, but Jaspersoft is making the right moves to be a strong second in the big data capabilities. This is important because it is currently the focus for many companies.

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I have to agree with those who tout Pentaho as the superior solution. Though both have their advantages and drawbacks, the ability to handle large data, Dashboards, scripting and ETL, Pentaho comes out on top.

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This will help you to understand the tool difference and selection.

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In general, Pentaho is better because it provides more features and also handles big data and analytics better.

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I can provide you with information regarding your questions. Contact me if you'd like to discuss.

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Pentaho is better than Jasper, more active community. Full BI suite (reporting, olap, dashboards, an excellent ETL tool, best big data capabilities....)

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