When evaluating Enterprise Content Management, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?


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Orlee GillisCommunity Mgr

Louie Lee,
When evaluating different solution options, how has your decision making been impacted by the elements you look for?

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Louie LeeConsultant

SOA ready
Document lifecycle management
Record management
Web2.0 collaboration portal
User friendly

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Shaik IshaqConsultantTOP 5LEADERBOARD

1. Workflow management
2. Business Process management and
3. Integration with Web Content management.

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James StoffellConsultant

End user friendliness and empowerment

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Dynamic and adaptive process design

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Mike MintzReal UserTOP 20LEADERBOARD

When considering a new enterprise software it must do the following things well:

(1) Solve a mission critical or important problem for the organization cleanly, as close to completely as possible and elegantly (simplicity always trumps features).

(2) Have a well designed UX and intuitive learning curve (adding a bit of fun doesn't hurt either - to many "solutions" are downright boring to use!).

(3) Integrate as seamlessly as possible with existing solutions and be adaptable enough to accommodate new tools and business developments that come down the pike.

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1. Findability
2. Putability
3. Easily integrated metadata capabilities
4. Search

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Jonathan MeolaConsultantTOP 20

1. Scalability
2. Security
3. Search
4. Integration
5. UI - both OOTB as well as custom configurations
6. extendability to additional platforms
7. support for retention policies
8. Industry compliant
9. TCO
10. Available support for deployment

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Elie SalamehConsultantTOP 20

1. Security
2. Integration with Current Environment
3. Ease of access on any device anytime
4. Reporting

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1. Compliance with Web standards
2. Total cost of ownership
3. Easy to extend (add-on / plugin)
4. Scalability and robustness

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Ian MacintoshReal User

1. Standards compliant
2. Easy integration
3. Scalability
4. Security
5. Sensible, flexible and easy to configure work flow for approvals

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1. Security
2. Ease of Implementation and ease of use
3. Third party/client application Integration
4. Stack
5. Cost

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The most important criteria is a well developed and smart/evolutive search engine. A lot of ECN are not use in companies because they return too many records or not the most relevant ones...

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Having a valid set of requirements.

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2-easy to use
3-Document Management with Co-authoring
4-Integrations with Demanded Softwares

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Philip JonesReal User

Application Cohesion, Stale Data avoidance, Integration Latency

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Ron Burns, CRISCConsultantTOP 5

User friendly with record retention tracking capability.

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Integration with Existing Applications and Databases WITHOUT programming or shoe-horning.

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Integrating existing application
Standard compliant
Easy of use

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Wayne randall li?1429192074
Wayne RandallReal User

1. Standards compliant
2. Easy integration
3. Scalability
4. Modern software architecture

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Esa honkonen li?1429020412
Esa HonkonenReal User

1. Motivated to use and flexible in mobile work
2. Business friendly i.e. offers content value
3. Smart middleware architecture
4. Proper secure policy

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2-easy to use
3-data Availability

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Pallavi kulshreshtha li?1426785760

Out of Box Features
Ease of deployment and upgrade
Mobile acessibility

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1. Supports defined business goals
2. Integration capabilities
3. Scalability
4. Ease of use
5. Ease of deployment

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1. Ease of use
2. Mobile accessibility

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Dylan brock li?1422562892
Dylan BrockReal UserTOP 20

Ease of implementation

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1. Standards compliant
2. Easy integration
3. Scalability
4. Modern software architecture

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2.Integration capability

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Pascal de mulder li?1420494513

1. Security, compliance, transparant
2. Mobile access
3. Archiving capabilities

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1. Seamless integration with the existing application - eg web services call
2.Compression mode capability from the client to the centralized server
3.Cost - some vendor charge by the no of user perform add/update but free for read/review only
4.Migration&Archiving capabilities

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