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Microsoft SharePoint (as RMS) vs OpenText Content Suite Platform - looking for recommendations


For an organization considering which platform to go with, realizing there are many factors involved, depending on the needs of the organization - for a Records Management System (as opposed to only a Document Management System) which would you suggest: Microsoft SharePoint or OpenText?

Adding in the fact that OpenText as well as some aspects of Microsoft but not neither is being used to its full extent, until further research, and all avenues have been explored thoroughly. Time, cost, retention and disposition capabilities (compliance), security, ease of integration, etc. These factors, as well as a few others (we will start with those) are crucial to moving forward. 

I'm speaking in general terms so I can relay the information to a general audience.

Thank you!


Details: Policy Analyst (Information Management/Technology), Government

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Microsoft SharePoint is the flagship collaboration and content management product from Microsoft has over the years moved on to a much bigger role in the functionality and has now been used as an application development platform. It's now being used for developing department-level applications that have workflow capabilities, data storage, business rules.

So apart from the Content Management system, collaboration, document management, records management, it now supports application development as well.

Somewhat similar in nature is the usage of OpenText.

But as Microsoft SharePoint suffers from some inherent issues of data threshold and performance issues if asked to store and query data beyond 5000 records in a single query it hits low on performance.

Hope I have answered your queries.

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I would NOT recommend Microsoft Sharepoint for that.

From our point of view, IBM-Filenet is much better for these additional requirements -
even better than OpenText...

If you would like to exchange some details, please let me know

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Hi Sheila, 

OpenText is seen as a Records Management leader. SharePoint is not. However, it depends on what you need, and how you're using the records, etc. 

Now I am actually the local RCMP Block Watch captain for my block (and the adjoining block next to our school!), but I don't know exactly how records are being used or accessed. Or to what extent you're using other Microsoft products. 

If the RCMP were for example fully into Office 365 and already using SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, etc. then there might be a case to make for using SharePoint as an RM tool. But if you're looking purely at strict RM form and function, OpenText is a more mature product. 

Feel free to call if you want to discuss: 416.986.2226

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