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What do Users Look for when Choosing their Endpoint Protection Tools?

According to Eric Cole of the SANS Institute, big data breaches and large-scale compromises often start with an initial compromise in an endpoint device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. By overlooking this focus on endpoints, enterprises can suffer from a significant gap in their defenses against attacks.

Endpoint protection, also commonly referred to as endpoint security, addresses this issue directly by protecting computer networks that are connected remotely to client devices. By ensuring that each endpoint complies with the proper standards, endpoint protection software ensures that the connection of these devices does not cause a zero-day attack or inadvertent data leakage.

According to IT Central Station users, there are certain aspects of an endpoint protection solution that are critical to look for in your search for the right tool. Two such features include proactive protection and the capability to block a wide variety of attack vectors, as it is no longer sufficient to act reactively or simply test with known malware.

Additionally, the IT Central Station user community emphasizes the need for good customer support, easy installation and removal, as competitive pricing in their ideal endpoint security tool.

In these new reviews, IT Central Station users continue to give valuable user feedback for leading endpoint protection solutions such as Symantec Endpoint Protection, McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection, IBM BigFix and Cylance. By comparing these top solutions, they share how these tools assist with their IT security needs.

New Symantec Endpoint Protection user reviews 2017

Management Console

Aimee White, Website and Ecomm at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees, notes how Symantec Endpoint Protection’s management console helped her track endpoint security issues in her company:

“The management console on the server kept track of any recurring issues and e-mailed reports to me. It also highlighted an infection on someone's machine in real time. This allowed me to get to the user and pop them on a laptop whilst we scrubbed the virus. The graphical reports were handy to provide proof of any KPIs for my monthly reporting process.”

“More than a classic Anti-Virus solution”

Ilker Ozturk, Systems Project Manager at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees, writes about the features he finds most valuable in Symantec Endpoint Protection:

“It is stable and no maintenance is required after a successful installation phase. It is more than a classic Anti-virus solution: both SONAR and IPS help to protect the system. The application and device policies are great features to help administration.”

Database Size

Sudeep Amalkar, Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees, writes where feels Symantec Endpoint Protection can improve:

“It's a nice product. I think Symantec should work more precisely on minimizing database size and the live update size.”

New McAfee Endpoint Protection user reviews 2017

Malware detection rate

Juan Mora Zamorano, Security, Cloud & Project Manager at a consultancy with 201-500 employees, points out McAfee Endpoint Protection’s excellent malware detection rate, among other valuable features:

“My experience with McAfee is very good. They give excellent support, they are proactive to solve issues, and willing to integrate their products. Their ability to execute is very high. Their malware detection rate is excellent for all type of devices and the anti-theft products are good and easy to use.”

Threat Prevention

Axel Hellström, IT Consultant at a tech consulting company with 1,001-5,000 employees, writes about how McAfee’s Threat Prevention impacts his company:

“One valuable feature is Threat Prevention with the on-demand scan. After the policy configuration is made, all our end users were happy that the computer didn’t feel slow when scanning files as the scanner just runs when the users are idle.”

Remote Installation Issues

This System and Network Administrator at a retailer with 201-500 employees, discusses the remote installation issues that sometimes happen with this tool:

“We’re facing remote installation issues sometimes: Installation may have been broken by something and installation is corrupted. It’s so hard to uninstall or repair the installation in that case.”

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New IBM BigFix user reviews 2017

Software Distribution and Patch Management

Stéphane Camacho, BigFix Solution Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees, finds particular value in IBM BigFix’s software distribution and patch management capabilities:

“Software distribution and patch management are the most valuable. Patch management is the native first usage of this product. Bulletin and Security Update are ready to use. Software deployment is fast and the product can be tuned for poor bandwidth network.”

Ease of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting

MartinCarnegie, Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees, writes about how easy IBM BigFix is to install, maintain and use for troubleshooting:

“IBM BigFix is one of the easiest tools to install for an Endpoint Management tool, especially compared to IBM’s predecessors and Microsoft’s SCCM. As an example, the first time installing IBM BigFix in my lab with about 10 systems took approximately one hour from start of installation to applying OS patches. IBM BigFix is also very easy to scale by adding new relays. The design is flexible enough to be able to “add as you go” without having to perform a major architectural review.”

Console Interface

Camacho also points out in his review that improvements can be made to IBM BigFix’s console interface:

“The console interface is not friendly, and requires training before using it in production. The levels of permissions are too complex to share the product with other teams. The technician must have all permissions to work easily. There is no web interface.”

New Cylance user review 2017

Security ROI

Leo Magallon, Cissp, Lead Systems Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees, writes about the ROI of using Cylance at his company:

“The ROI is immense, particularly in less dedicated labor hours. The ROI was much more in terms of security, particularly when new security flaws have recently appeared. By virtue of having this software product, the C-level suite feels more secure, because IT does not have to start taking downtime to patch servers in a hurry.”

Analysis of quarantined files

Magallon also notes where he thinks Cylance has room to improve, and gives advice for prospective users for trying out the solution:

“It needs real analysis of quarantined files. The EDR product isn't showing much right now. Review the performance of Cylance over the next year and ask for a 60 day trial, not just a 30 day trial.  Monitoring the growth of this company is very important to determine if the product remains at the level that is in today.” 

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