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What is Endpoint Protection?

When evaluating endpoint security products, the IT Central Station users were clear on what aspects were most important. Proactive protection is a clear indication of superior quality in a product, since the days of reactive protection are gone. Another essential feature to look for is the capability to block a variety of attack vectors, since testing with known malware simply isn't sufficient. Additionally, our members want to see good customer support, easy installation and removal, and competitive pricing for the endpoint security product.

Endpoint Protection Reviews

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Endpoint Protection QuestionsAsk the community a question

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Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
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IT Central Station
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Karl Ackermanevaluation of endpoint protection should look at what the product offers for... more »
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Stephen Springer-SkeeteEndpoint Security should be proactive, the days of reactive endpoint... more »
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Nick SilverI agree with Stephen, but also would like to add that I think it's important... more »
Birzu alexandru adrian li?1414334311

ITSM & AntiFraud Consultant
After an experience of 7 years in the IT gaming field, the next period was filled with a lot of new informations and oportunities of developement. Working for a leading system integrator and provider of IT services, has many advantages as access to new technologies, and the ability to learn new... more>>
Reviewed CyberArk Privileged Account Security: The ability to start the project, install and add...
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IT Consultant
My title is technical project manager consultant and have the last twelve years been doing everything from manager to consultant and both. 2014-2015 i worked mostly within IT-Security and with SIEM Solutions and now i am Configuration Manager and Customer Security Office for a large... more>>
Krishnaraj raveendran nair li?1414338209
A purely self-motivated & diligent professional with significant experience in the networking and IT-Security industry. Seeks out new challenges constantly and applies a positive and infectious mind set to deliver results that exceed expectations. Proven ability to troubleshoot network... more>>
Reviewed McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection: Good reporting and compliance. Easy to administer.

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