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Architect - Cloud Serviced at a comms service provider
Reviewed Palo Alto Networks Prisma SaaS: Protects cloud data at rest and…
Network Engineer at Acliv Technologies Pvt Ltd
Reviewed Palo Alto Networks Prisma SaaS: Enables us to easily monitor…
Principal at a tech company
Director, GRC Applications and Systems Delivery at a tech company
Reviewed MVision Cloud: A SaaS-friendly tool that…
Deputy Specialist/Assistant Manager at a tech services company
General Manager at a tech vendor
Reviewed Netskope CASB: Enables us to enforce the company…
Supervisor, IT Security at a healthcare company
Reviewed MVision Cloud: It gives us visibility into our…
Sr. Analyst Governance and Compliance at a aerospace/defense firm
Reviewed MVision Cloud: Cloud registry provides cloud…
Senior Vice President - Enterprise Architecture and Information Security
Reviewed Netskope CASB: I like the tenant identification…
Technical Consultant at International Turnkey Systems - ITS
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