Find out what your peers are saying about Incapsula, Cloudflare, Arbor Networks and others in DDoS.
288,073 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about Incapsula, Cloudflare, Arbor Networks and others in DDoS.
288,073 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is DDoS?

DDoS solutions are an ever-evolving and highly specialized area of network protection, now a necessity for large organizations to provide 24/7 essential, unmitigated protection. The top DDoS Protection solutions mitigate the threat of a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). DDoS refers to illegally targeting computer resources to cripple user accessibility and/or completely shut down a computer or computer system. In a DDoS attack, the malicious actor typically hijacks multiple computing resources and sets them to send so many service requests to the target device or network that it cannot sustain the volume and shuts down.

Targets and motives can be varied. The best DDoS solutions are usually intended to permanently take down a website, cause sufficient downtime or disable a service. The perpetrators or Bad Actors can be lone wolf hackers, terrorist organizations, and criminals with various motivations or even business competitors.

IT and DevOps experts know that in order to fight DDoS attacks, special systems and training are essential to keep their systems safe. A large organization will utilize high-capacity, secure and stable Internet channels, specialized software solutions and the most recent technology and hardware.

Well-informed IT and InfoSec specialists require the best integrative technical support to engage and align the services of network security companies, which concentrate on the development and distribution of round-the-clock DDoS Protection. The key, of course, is proactivity. This requires a financial investment, sometimes a substantial one to protect information, assets, and personnel. Global security services often cite what could have been a relatively reasonable financial investment in DDoS Protection before millions had to be spent trying to restore and save sometimes irretrievable or compromised data in a system takedown.

In order to react to critical alarms and attempted system break-ins with actionable solutions, an IT Department must have instant information, pre-arranged permissions and communications across all platforms. IT must be supported by the most updated resources on a daily basis, in spite of organizational boundaries and silos that may impede communications between areas that would crash and fall like dominos without full, internal cooperation. DDoS Protection providers have core competencies and protecting both mobile and web platforms are non-negotiable. Revenue streams, critical data, personal information and essential connections to the “outside world” can all be eliminated or abused without DDoS solutions.

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Auditor ISO20000:2011 Auditor ISO27001:2013 (BSI Lead Auditor Certified) PEN Testing & Forensics Security Analysis (Kali Linux) Detection/Defensive Actions (IDS/IPS Onion Security: Snort, Suricata, Snoby, Squert, Sguil) Analista BPM Certificado SCRUM Manager Certificado ITIL 2 y... more>>
IT Consultant, Business Owner, Lecturer
Dr Ioannis Syrigos is a Computer and Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, co-owner and Managing Director of Stella Novus LTD, an IT consulting company running several individual online projects (,,, and... more>>
Technical Consultant
• 6.5 years of IT experience in Adobe Day CQ5, AEM 5.X, AEM 6.X, HP’s Interwoven Teamsite, Java/J2EE and Web Technologies with exposure and experience in Energy and Natural Utilities domain, across all areas of SDLC viz. analyzing requirements specifications, high level design, build /... more>>
Cyber Security Analyst
A challenging person having 2.8 + years of experience in Incident analysis, incident responses, incident remediation, Real time log monitoring in the Security Operations Center from different devices such as Firewalls, IDS and IPS received from the client and segregating and correlating the logs... more>>
IT Support Engineer
 A competent professional with total 8.5 years of rich experience in Operations Support, Troubleshooting and Software Programming.  3 years of experience in supporting Linux Production Servers as a IT Engineer in a technical support role.  Worked closely with the customer support and Service... more>>
Associate Manager
- 9+ yrs of experience in designing, developing and implementing DW/BI & Databases applications. - I have played roles of Associate Manager, Team Lead, Designer and Developer in IT journey so far. - Extensive experience on Oracle PL/SQL and Bigdata technologies. Handled AO project team... more>>
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WordPress Developer & Consultant
Think of a person who understands the role of technology in the business, power of publishing in marketing & branding, knows how to build a website, market it and also scale it! Well, that's me. Hi, I'm Mayank Gupta and I'm your one stop for all the web/digital business requirements. In... more>>
Linux/Cisco/Microsoft Infraestructure Manager
Working towards CCIP certification CCNP certified Interested in WMI/SNMP monitoring, Cisco technologies, open source software in Linux platforms Online gaming software

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