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We chose SiSense for agility, rapid analysis and extremely short implementation time

We were looking for a way to easily track and analyze key business metrics, such as revenue channels and customer segments, and to generate detailed operational performance reports. Since the company’s operational data consists of about 20M records in a 100GB MySQL database, the solution had to easily integrate with MySQL and quickly process large amounts of data.

Before using Prism, we used various piecemeal solutions to try achieve the reporting and analytics it needed, including manual analysis and home-grown software. Some of our analytics requirements were not being met at all.

Our company explored the possibility of expanding development of its in-house analytics software development, but deemed it too expensive and time-consuming. Our company then evaluated BI solutions from several leading BI software vendors before selecting Prism.

We chose Prism because it had four primary advantages over the competition, which made it an easy choice:

1. The agility of the Prism software to answer current and future questions in a very simple and efficient way

2. The ability of the company’s in-house team to easily create, maintain and modify Prism reports and analytic applications for any future needs without the need for expensive maintenance and support services

3. The rapid analysis of large amounts of data using inexpensive hardware, as demonstrated even before purchasing the software

4. The extremely short implementation time: it took only three hours of planning and ten hours of implementation to be up and running with all the initial reports we wanted

Even before making the decision to purchase Prism, SiSense worked with us to implement a thorough demonstration of Prism running over our actual data. This was accomplished via Web conference only, with Prism running on standard desktop PC hardware. Following the purchase decision, our personnel traveled to SiSense’s offices for ten hours of implementation and training. Overall, it took only three weeks from the initial demo to the live, fully-functional BI solution.

Our management now enjoys the benefits of a comprehensive dashboard which presents live transaction and project data, as well as drill-down views into specific customer, transaction and translation project data. All the managerial and operational reports required by our company are available, and the ability to easily make modifications means that the dashboards and reports are improving all the time to answer new business questions.

The ability of our management to monitor all business processes in realtime allows fast responses to take advantage of new business opportunities as they arise and to prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

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What are the alternatives available for Prism? Have you tried any open source tool for this?