Sisense Review
Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage, Easy for End-Users; Sisense represents what a BI company should be: Intuitive and scaleable for large sets of data.

Valuable Features:

Time to deployment was one of our most critical factors in choosing a BI vendor, and I am not sure you can get to deployment faster than Sisense. On day one, I was able to download it, connect two disparate data sources with multiple tables, and build meaningful dashboards.

Other features that I found very valuable:

Query Speed: Querying a data source with more than 180 million records took on average less than 5 seconds after initial load.

Speed of Development: It took less than a month to configure single- sign on, be fully embedded within our web product, and to build a comprehensive data cube that covered all of our metrics.

Ease of use for end-users: Building meaningful dashboards is no longer an IT task. Sisense has done a great job at not over complicating dashboard building

Improvements to My Organization:

We are no longer in the business of report changes and making a slight change to a report for a specific customer. Sisense is already reducing our development workload since customers are building their own reports instead of waiting on us.

Room for Improvement:

Users with viewer access have less capabilities than similar users in Tableau. For example, data discovery would be difficult with only a viewer license.

Sisense limits the cube building to a very visual display that can get hard to analyze when you bring in many data sources. It would be nice to have either an "advanced" view or alternate view that helps with many tables.

They do not currently have support for R, but I hear that is coming in 6.0.

Use of Solution:

About 6 months.

Deployment Issues:


Stability Issues:

None so far.

Scalability Issues:

Not yet, but we did just start rolling this out

Customer Service:

Excellent. I am confident I will receive a response within the same day and usually much sooner than that.

Technical Support:

Technical support has been superb. We had a fairly complicated security implementation, and they helped guide our developers through all the nuances.

Previous Solutions:

We previously were on Pentaho, and we switched because we needed an easier platform to develop on. Building complex dashboards required a great deal of training and Pentaho experience.

Initial Setup:

The initial setup could not have been any easier.

Implementation Team:


Other Solutions Considered:

Qlik and Tableau

Other Advice:

The sales process was excellent. We opted to do a proof of concept, and we were able to test all of our requested functionality prior to buying the product. They also guided us through the proof of concept, and offered a great deal of support. The sales process was one of the best sales experiences we went through.

Our customers love the product. When we demonstrate Sisense's capability against their data, they wonder how they existed without Sisense.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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