Sophos UTM Review

Sophos UTM helps us to control incoming and outgoing network traffic. Not a highly available and scalable product.

Valuable Features

Valuable Features include Sophos Remote Access VPN, Country Based Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Ease of access (via browser) and Reporting.

Improvements to My Organization

Sophos UTM helps us to control incoming and outgoing network traffic. It also helps employees connect to the AWS VPC environment from remote locations. Web application firewall protects applications from different hacking attempts like SQL Injection, Cross site scripting, Cookie signing, URL hardening etc. On top of that, it also helps the organization adhere to compliance rules and provides an audit trail of the environment.

Room for Improvement

Sophos UTM is not a highly available and scalable product. Till now, it is a single point of failure.

Use of Solution

2.5 years.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered. We had a very smooth deployment.

Stability Issues

No issues with stability.

Scalability Issues

Yes. Sophos UTM on AWS is not an scalable product. Sophos is actively working on scalability part from using a UTM manager which can control configuration deployment on multiple UTM's

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service level is top notch.

Technical Support:

Very Good. All our queries were properly answered on time.

Previous Solutions

Yes. Earlier, we had used Checkpoint. But the deployment procedure and user interface for Checkpoint was very complicated. The amount of time to invest in checkpoint is nearly 2x than Sophos. Checkpoint requires tool to be installed on your system while Sophos is a browser based tool.

Initial Setup

It was a very straightforward setup. As it is a browser based tool, it helps administrator to access it from different location and system. We don't have to download desktop clients on our local system. Also, we can access this product from different operating systems (linux, windows and Mac).

Implementation Team

We deployed it in-house.


ROI for the product is very high. The cost of the product is based on the number of users and the licensing is not too expensive.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

On AWS, instances/servers are charged on hourly basis. The yearly licensing cost for 10 years is nearly around $200-300.

Other Solutions Considered

While we were looking for deployment of UTM product on AWS in year 2011, there were only 2 stable products available in market i.e., Sophos and Checkpoint. We choose to go ahead with Sophos.

Other Advice

Easy to use, Easy to access, good for compliance. It is a very good product as compared to others available on AWS.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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While Sophos UTM may not be highly available in Amazon it certainly is at the network edge you just buy additional licenses or units.

20 May 15
Karim KronfliReal UserTOP 20

The Sophos UTMs are highly available you just need 2 or more. You can also have them in active active or active passive mode

24 August 15
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