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May 23 2016

What is most valuable?

Importing existing XML files or full test suites to the projects is a valuable feature. The test summary is very useful and intuitive. The responses have very short latency. I like the view of the changes made in the Working Copy. It is very... more»

How has it helped my organization?

I was doing a very complex file change merge using SourceTree and it took me less than half of the time I estimated. All of the automatic conflicts resolved were very good and the serious conflict were very easy to find and fix.

What needs improvement?

I think the console can be improved, to allow more shortcuts (for example- supporting dragging a file from the Working Copy to the console ). Another small improvement I can thick about: allow creating folders to divide the branches and... more»


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What is Atlassian SourceTree?

Atlassian SourceTree SourceTree, A fully-featured GUI that offers an efficient, consistent development process right out of the box, a Git and Mercurial desktop client. SourceTree supports Git LFS, allowing teams to track large assets in one single place. The Smart branching with SourceTree and Git-flow is keeping repositories clean and development efficient. SourceTree allows you to search for and clone remote repositories within its simple user interface. It provides Search for commits, file changes, and branches right, interactive rebase tool and Submodules making life easier when managing projects, their dependencies, and other project groupings.
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Facebook, NASA, Cisco, eBay, Redfin, Toyota, Kaiser Permanente, Gilt, CSIRO, Autodesk, The Daily Telegraph, CODE, Illumnia,
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