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Find out what your peers are saying about CA Technologies, Nagios, SolarWinds and others in IT Infrastructure Monitoring.
247,497 professionals have used our research since 2012.
It infrastructure monitoring report from it central station 2018 01 13 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about CA Technologies, Nagios, SolarWinds and others in IT Infrastructure Monitoring.
247,497 professionals have used our research since 2012.


User Assessments By Topic About CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Parts of the Unified Management Portal are not written in HTML5. I would like all components (Portlets) to be HTML5. This would increase the speed and responsiveness of the site, and possibly improve the appearance. Improved network monitoring and topology mapping: Although this functionality does exist, it requires enhancement. CA UIM is very accomplished at monitoring the majority of IT infrastructure and is capable of collecting and alerting on the vast majority of metrics across network device vendors. However, the configuration of network device monitoring could be improved. The latest SNMP_Collector, and ICMP (ping) probes only allow for monitoring of discovered devices and are configurable via the web-based Admin Console. The previous equivalent probes were less dynamic but more flexible, being configured via both the Admin Console and the client-based Infrastructure Manager. A combination approach of dynamic and manual network device monitoring would obviously be more beneficial. As for network topology mapping, this is achieved via disparate pairs of discovery_agent and topology_agent probes located in each network segment gathering device information via ICMP, SNMP, Telnet and SSH. This mechanism actually works really well, but it’s the way the data is collated, interpolated and represented in the topology views which requires attention. Having some predefined views to depict different network layers, the ability to show routing of traffic or bandwidth utilisation would be great. Also, it would be nice if more detailed device information was available via a mouse-over. Note: I have not used the topology mapping in UIM 8.4, but I’m not aware of any significant improvements.
I have evaluated and used many monitoring tools, from open-source to enterprise-class solutions and everything in between. They all have good and bad points, but scalability and flexibility seem to be most discussed, followed by stability and security. CA UIM comes out on top very often as it excels in all four of the above criteria, and is also easy to deploy and comparably simple to operate. * Scalability: Addressed elsewhere. * Flexibility: Is achieved via the use of UIM’s REST API available for custom integrations and the ability to build custom monitoring probes using supplied SDKs. * Stability: Difficult to prove in a POC; however, I can testify that when implemented correctly with appropriate self-monitoring, the tool does not tend to fail without outside influence. * Security: The solution infrastructure can be connected securely and effectively hardened. The solution is fully multitenant compliant, which means inventory, metrics and events can be isolated between groups of operators. This is particularly useful for MSPs who allow customers to log on and view infrastructure status or service levels. Several products I have evaluated claim to be multitenant compliant, but are in fact only able to monitor multiple ‘customers’, but not segregate the event and metric data. CA UIM can be used as a standalone monitoring solution in many small- and medium-size organisations. It tends to be integrated into other CA products for large and enterprise-size organisations, where greater/granular application transaction monitoring is required, more in-depth network monitoring necessary and full service views are essential.

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Company:Gateway Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Designation:Services Consultant Client: CA Technologies -Tool: CA Unified Infrastructure Management -Versions: v8.3 - v8.4.7 -Projects: Scorpio Marine Management India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Tata Communications Ltd., Mumbai ... more>>
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IT Technical Testing Consultant
- 5 years professional experience, dedicated to performance engineering, web application security audits and IT technical testing. - Performance engineering, with extensive experience on Enterprise Java platforms (Load Testing, monitoring, tuning and optimizing enterprise... more>>
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What is CA Unified Infrastructure Management?

CA UIM provides a single, unified platform that allows you to monitor your entire IT environment, both inside and outside the data center. It offers the ease-of-use and simplicity associated with point IT monitoring tools, featuring a unique powerful architecture with a lightweight footprint. At the same time, it delivers enterprise scalability and multi-tenancy that power some of the most complex infrastructures.

Also known as
CA Nimsoft Monitor, CA UIM
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CBNCloud, IIJ Global Singapore, AT&S, AXSOS, Aozora Bank, HCL Technologies, IntelliNet, Securex

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