Sophos UTM Valuable Features

ZaherEL Bsat
Pre-Sales Manager | Infrastructure and Security at National Information Technology Company
To be quite honest, from my personal experience all the features of Sophos UTM are useful, which includes publishing templates and the ease of publishing any servicing needs. From the VPN side, all the VPN protocols are available so you can choose from SSVPN to PPTP to other versions of VPN, and it's easy to deploy within minutes. The firewall includes very good logging where you can see what's hacking your network. The IDS and IPS settings are based on your reliance and also alerts you if there is an attack. We're happy with Sophos and we also have an XG version being used for other services, because we are a company that provides services. We have two versions, we have the XG and the latest one. The Sophos UTM which is the previous version but still being in production is our main firewall for the company. We happy with all the features, we have no negative comments on any of the features except that the XG has more ability to block based on countries. On the previous model, the blocking of countries we had a problem with, i.e. if you use the NAT feature, you can't block countries. You have to enter the IP network. With the XG version, you can just select when you publish via NAT not via WAF. You can select the countries. That is the only difference between XG and the UTM which we did not really like, but other than that its all cool. View full review »
Anthony Petecca
Manager IT and Security at Health Street
The isolation of infected machines is a big feature. Also, the ability to detect external sources that change files on a file server is really big. The third key feature is something called EDR. It's a type of advanced file analysis. If you aren't sure what a file is you can click on it and it will upload a sample to Sophos and it will respond saying, "That's malicious," or "Not malicious." You can see every individual file and registry key that that file has ever interacted with, and what they did. It will show you every single thing it's done to the machine so you can clean up everything or check everything that it has ever touched. You don't have to worry about, "Oh, did I clean everything up?" View full review »
Juan C. Sanchez Pignalosa
CEO & Co-Founder at Advisor Consulting Group
The web filter and the ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) are great and easy to manage, and the integrated WAF (Web Application Firewall) allows the administrator to seamlessly protect HTTP/S services without having to pay thousands of dollars. The just introduced Sandstorm system for protection, is awesome as well. View full review »
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Scott Rouse
Architecture and DevOps at
* The VPN side of it. * The ease of configuration of the VPN. * Some of the end user self-serviceability of it without having to have a whole lot of touch from our operational group View full review »
Frank Scalzo
Director of Cloud Technology at Avalere Health\Inovalon
Its scaling capability. Sophos has a single pane of glass which allows me to manage all my VPCs from a single instance, managing all my firewall from one place, which is huge for me. When you have multiple VPCs and multiple accounts, it becomes too cumbersome to use a product that you have to look at individually. With Sophos, I can look at one place and see everything: my logs, filters, firewall rules, etc. View full review »
M.K. Goyal
Asst General Manager(C&IT) at NMDC Iron & Steel Plant
* A good package overall * A nice UTM appliance with a good GUI and reports. * Configuring web access controls in the appliance is a bit typical and requires debarring and listing separately. Once configured, the solution works beautifully. View full review »
Md. Dipu Khan
The features that I've known to be the most valuable are both the web security features as well as the web firewall capabilities. As a partner of Sophos firewall, we have some clients that are using Sophos firewall UTM and we use it as well. View full review »
John Xavier
CIO at Quartesian
It provides a solid firewall. View full review »
Aimee White
Info Sec Consultant at Size 41 Digital
Classic defence in depth, with layered features. * SPI (stateful packet inspection) * IPS * WAF * VPN capability with built-in load balancer Nothing out of the ordinary these days, but the fact Sophos has such a big name and good support was a big plus for the client who already had a relationship with Sophos support. Also, auto-scaling of UTM workers using EC2 is a nice and handy feature. UTM 9 brings along IPSec as well as iPhone and iPad support. This seems small but it’s useful. Finally, Cold Standby CloudFormation script to one node, with persistent info in S3, is a convenient feature. View full review »
Max Pupov
DevOps at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Our policy is launch and forget. It works well without any maintenance. So far, it has worked pretty well regardless of the traffic. View full review »
Ibrahim El Sayed
Network & Hardware Administrator at Nile Projects & Trading Co.
The most valuable features of this solution are: * High Availability between IPsec site tunnels provides a valid continuous connection and ensures we have no downtime affecting our business. * Log Viewer allows me to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic, as well as view and block vulnerabilities. View full review »
Maroun Abboud
Data Department Manager at BTC Networks
As both a firewall and UTM it's perfect. View full review »
Global Network Security Admin at a consumer goods company with 201-500 employees
It can identify threats quickly, then find the affected devices and quarantine them. It ease of use: The GUI is easy to maneuver through; it is not complicated. View full review »
Milos Lichtenstein
IT SM & Security Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable features are * Web Protection - Protects you against problems originating from the internet. * Advanced protection (Sophos Sandstorm) - Protects against crypto viruses in real-time. * Email Protection - Really strong anti-spam. * REDs (Remote Ethernet Device) - Connects you from a remote workplace to your source network. View full review »
Darren Weiner
Solutions Architect at National Renewable Energy Laboratory
It meets our compliance needs for antivirus. View full review »
Security Architect at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
* Ease of deployment * Licensing * The dashboards are good. View full review »
Bob Obrinsky
Owner at Robert Obrinsky Industries, LLC
The most valuable feature is the user interface, which is flexible, powerful, and easy to understand. Configuration troubleshooting is eased by the use of the color-coded, live firewall log. Live logs for most features are also available. View full review »
Senior Solutions Specialist at centerprise international
The most valuable feature is that it is easy to administer. View full review »
IT Security Specialist at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The most valuable feature is the IPS. It also protects us from malware. View full review »
Neeraj Panwar
Cloud Network Administrator at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The security is the most important, and without security, we cannot use our network on a weekly basis. View full review »
Gerald Lang
IT Architect at ISCL IT Security Consulting G. Lang
We find all of the features valuable because together they fit the needs of our customers. View full review »
Unified Communications Specialist at Agentra
The most valuable features are: * Firewall protection * Intrusion detection View full review »
Joshua Robertson
IT Specialist at Arnett Carbis Toothman LLP
* Sophos UTM Manager (SUM): It allows us to manage over 50 Sophos UTM devices from a central management console. * Creating rules, exceptions, and managing most features from SUM, and pushing to all or a section of devices as needed. View full review »
Edward Cetron
Owner at Technologies International
Application layer filtering. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Sophos UTM. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
438,043 professionals have used our research since 2012.