Top 8 Advanced Threat Protection Tools

Palo Alto Networks WildFirePalo Alto Networks VM-SeriesRSA NetWitness Logs and Packets (RSA SIEM)Fortinet FortiSandboxFireEye Network SecuritySymantec Advanced Threat ProtectionSonicWall Capture Advanced Threat ProtectionCheck Point SandBlast Network
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    The most valuable features of this solution are sandbox capabilities.The most valuable feature is the cloud-based protection against zero-day malware attacks.
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    Using Palo Alto Networks Panorama, we were able to deploy a single point of management and visualization of the firewall infrastructure in cloud, on-premise and integrated with Azure to automate scale up. Its security features, i.e. anti-malware, threat prevention, URL Filtering, VPN, and antivirus are the most valuable. The ID-User integrated with AD and 2FA features are also very useful to provide secure access to servers and some users in the company. 
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  4. The most valuable features are the packet inspection and the automated incident response.What we are mainly using are the RSA concentrator, RSA Decoder, Archiver, Broker, and Log Decoder.
  5. Integration is one of the solution's most valuable aspects. You can integrate even third-party solutions so that they can send the information or files they quarantine through the FortiSandbox
  6. It is stable and quite protective. It has a lot of features to scan a lot of malicious things and vulnerabilities.The most valuable feature is the network security module.
  7. The incident management on the solution is very good. You get a lot of detailed information about an incident. You also get a lot of documentation in connection with the CVI or integration.
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  9. It also has an easy configuration. The feedback that we get from our customers is that it's a good product. Provides good protection and security.
  10. Threat extraction can help us to remove malicious content from documents by converting them to PDF. It provides a high rate of catching the zero-day advanced threats.

Advice From The Community

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What steps should businesses take to assess and improve their security posture? What tools would you recommend for this purpose?
author avatarNorman Freitag

Awareness Awareness and Awareness, the Problem is the Head.

True story, issues take place on the senior lvl (Open USB Port, no Clean Desk Policy, etc.)

Afterwards "we" (the working lvl) can talk about trainings and SW/HW Solutions.

So first is that security means not only buying a SIEM or ISMS Monitrin, its a mindset.

Some sort of taking care for the company like taking care for your family :)

author avatarRicardoGranados (Ingram Micro Inc.)

You must perform a vulnerability assessment on all your devices, for example with Tenable Vulnerability Management. Then you must remedy the critical and high vulnerabilities.

author avatarShaik Sayeed
Real User

Always evolving your technologies with security threats and trends is needed , similarly user awareness of security is a key . As an IT person with a limited budget of SMB organization they should opt for UTM (NGFW) , better endpoint with EDR,ATP and email security . An enterprise should be always ready for any targeted or rogue attacks hence a defence in layers is required , firewall, network layer ATP (sandboxing), Email with zero day attack intelligence, device controls, EDR and EPP , WAF for web servers and an honeypot to trap and known the threat vectors for their organization. 

author avatarVishalGilatar
Real User

No matter what tool you used, we can't stop all the threats. 

We need 360 degree visibility and need to categorise the risk factor and work continuously to improvise on enhancing security posture. There are end number of tools available depending on the risk factor   

author avatarHugo Thebas

First of all, you need to know what you have inside your company, not only computers, but every device that is connected to the network, this will help you to identify where are the potential threats. There are products focused on making inventory of your network assets.

After that you can plan the best approach, based on your needs.

Surprisingly, the worst threats can come from places you don't even know they exist.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Palo Alto Networks, RSA, Fortinet and others in Advanced Threat Protection. Updated: April 2021.
479,323 professionals have used our research since 2012.