Tricentis qTest Solve Issues

Does the solution help you to quickly solve issues when they occur? If yes, please provide examples.

Testing Lead Manager at PDC Energy
qTest helps us compile issues and have one place to look for them. We're not chasing down emails and other sources. So in the grand scheme of things, it does help to resolve issues faster because everyone's working off of the same information in one location.
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Quality Assurance Team Lead at Parkview Health
qTest has also helped us to quickly solve issues when they occur. I've seen demos of the automation and that stuff for Tosca. That's going to be interesting and an eye-opener for my company, given that "medical" is very slow at adopting new technology.
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Assistant Vice President, IT Quality Assurance at Guardian Life Insurance
In terms of it helping to resolve issues when they occur, being able to log into Defects, go right into JIRA, add that defect to the user story, right there at that point, means we connect all of that. That is functionality we haven't had in the past. As a communication hub, it works really well. It's pretty much a closed loop; it's all contained right there. There's no delay. You're getting from the defect to the system to JIRA to the developer.
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