What are the pros and cons of BMC Helix Discovery?

I'm currently evaluating BMC Helix Discovery. I'd like to know what are pros and cons of this solution. Thanks!

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BMC Discovery has been around much longer so has more out of the box 'connectors' than service now. Look up uControl from Tekwurx, which provides better Service Mapping than BMC Discovery amongst other things when integrated together. BMC Discovery does have a limitation with network devices, but these can be overcome using specific network tools. ServiceNow is a developing product, much the same functionality, but only ever really used to connect to ServiceNow to my knowledge. Both are capable of discovering the cloud. Costs are comparable. Both face a challenge with Microsoft no longer making WMI and SNMP default available in their server offerings. Both are agentless. BMC probably can be made to discover very specific devices, if you want to invest in generating your own coded pattern scripts (and maintaining them). So good for niche operators like broadcasters, digital media etc.