AlgoSec Review

Offers valuable instantaneous AFA reports and the support team has good response time

Hi all,

As many users do , we are using algosec for policy optimization and violation detection, too.

There are some important and really nice to use features that I want to mention about Algosec.

Firstly, one of the most useful feature is instantaneous afa report, that you do not have to wait some time to analyze the firewall traffic. When working with some other vendors, someone has to wait at least one week or even more for an accurate analyze and optimization recommendations. You do not have to wait for it when using Algosec.

Secondly, web user interface is really user-friendly and easy to use. I can find all the items I look for easily. Soon, we will also use network simulator feature. That will be useful to see the end-to-end traffic, and will increase the visibility in a high rate. We can easily track the changes in policies with Algosec. AlgoSec automatically sends an email to the selected teams when a policy change occurs.

Our environment is large comparing to any company that are working onsimilar sector with us. So optimization and external monitoring is inevitable necessity for our environment, and especially for firewall rule optimization algosec or a similar product provides a very helpful assistance.

In my opinion, we are using algosec for a long time (nearly 6 years).Until two years ago, most of things were working perfectly with algosec. When next generation firewalls came as a hot topic and used oftenly, we faced some minor problems on algosec. We always wrote about the problems to algosec support.

To be more specific, when we tried to add some devices on algosec it seemed to be done but when you check monitor section, some of the devices were red lighted. Finally, we could handled this part after we installed a new software fix. After that, we started to use inline layer feature of a next generation firewall vendor as many customer did, at first algosec failed to recognize inline layers and rules in the inline layers. We failed to analyze, improve andoptimize our inline layer rules for some time. Support was a little desperate in this case. After installing some new hotfix updates , this problem was also fixed successfully.

As one other example, algosec did not support one of the firewall vendor product (firepower) completely . After new software updates on both sides (both the firewall vendor and algosec), that vendor is supported for some features partially.

As a customer, the role of the support team of a product becomes very very important and vital when a customer faces such different problems about software bugs or different vendor compatibilities. To be more clear, response time should be short enough and support interest about the subject should also be high enough. Because firewall is the most important and critical member of a network. Algosec response time is improved day by day in all these years.

Support team is much more supportive this year. We had a fresh install and we added all the devices again on algosec. Everything works perfectly. Of course we are having problems too, but problems are inevitable and oftenly when you working on a software environment. The most important factor is support team. And support team is giving fast response and support in all cases.

In addition to that, last version of algosec software seems to handle all the previous  minor problems, and this plays an important role about that we are working with algosec happily. As a conclusion, we are using security optimization in a very detailed way and Algosec is the best when comparing to other vendors in all perspectives.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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