Broadcom Clarity PPM Review

We're able to deploy it from one environment to another fairly easily, although it hangs every so often, so we need to be pretty diligent in keeping our eye on that.

Valuable Features

It’s deployed corporate-wide and has a heavy user-base, and we provide custom modifications to the solution. I also do all the deployments for seven different environments with each having three servers.

Room for Improvement

I’d like the install to work a lot better and to be more tailored. It also needs to support a forced functionality of the install.

Stability Issues

It’s not bad, though we have intermittent issues with services going down. It’s a background service that runs reports, which seems to hang every so often, so we need to be pretty diligent in keeping our eye on that. When it goes down, users aren’t able to run reports so we have to bounce the reports server. But overall, it’s fairly stable.

Scalability Issues

It’s pretty easy to throw into any environment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Usually their tech support isn’t very good. We usually end up fixing it ourselves or writing our own XML code. But, they try their best.

If I call support, I don’t like getting a middle person, which I frequently do. I try to figure it out myself before I call them. Escalations are usually very good. We had an issue with a recent upgrade so we created a P1 ticket and escalated it after day one and they were right on it. They worked well with me and they were there with me for a 17-hour day to get the system up.

They’re getting better and have been better recently than in the past.

Initial Setup

The installs never go smoothly. You can have all your system requirements met and all your ducks in a row. The CA XMLs won’t work.

We recently did an upgrade which took over two weeks to get up and running, which was an incremental update.

The install packages are the worst I’ve ever seen.

Other Advice

Overall it’s a very good, powerful product. It’s one of our two or three major products. It’s used by everyone, and it’s easy to customize. It’s fairly reliable once it’s deployed, it looks nice, the reports look nice, and it’s easy to move around. The only gripe I have is the install.

With any solution, you need to be able to customize and tailor it. You need to modify and add your pipelines and any other custom attributes you need, fairly easily and fairly quickly. It needs to be able to deploy from one environment to another fairly easily, which the CA PPM solution does.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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