CA Clarity PPM Review

I have seen it now run for a couple of months, and it has been a stable product once installed and configured.

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Valuable Features

Improvement over using various Microsoft tools, like just spreadsheets and other things. It's standardizing and expanding its use for the features that help our company.

Improvements to My Organization

We just started using PPM in my department, which is an engineering department. What I do for it, is I actually support it as from an IT-end, so I get it installed, configured, and running, and then go on to the next feature that takes IT work.

Stability Issues

I have seen it now run for about three, four months, and it has been a stable product once installed and configured right, so I have not seen many needs to reboot the application.

Scalability Issues

I know it as being used for two-server system.

We intend to get into the thousands of users. We haven't reached that point. It's not driving the hardware resources that we would expect to see as something that's taxing the system.

As far as the features that we've planned to use, there's Jaspersoft, which allows you to move from Business Objects, and of course we have an upgrade being planned.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Specifically from CA, no, but the support we got from this contracted company has been very supportive, we've got the help we needed.

Previous Solutions

My company was choosing between either contracting with CA or this other contracting firm, or having someone internally be the tech-lead for PPM. We chose to assign it to me, because I have the skills to install, configure support having basically the OS knowledge to support such a utility.

Other Advice

I would recommend going right into Jaspersoft, which is part of the reporting feature of PPM, not to start out with Business Objects. Go right to Jaspersoft if you can.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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